What I Wish I Had Known Before Trump’s Presidency…

I guess I always knew it, but I didn’t know how to put it into practice.

For the seven years that I’ve been out of high school, one thing has remained constant: Facebook. Social media. The need to seek or give attention via “likes.” The life moments that are ruined by someone saying, “let me take a photo for Instagram.” Or, “hold on, I need to tweet this.” There is a small handful on your friends list that actually want to keep up with your travels and growing family; the rest are there to quietly scroll past you. And these are all okay, these are the new normal; a business owner checking their phone in the middle of your interview is habitual, now. We are a creation that would rather look at a screen than into a person’s eyes.

Now take these ordinary, non-confrontational relationships, and add labels such as “right,” “left,” “snowflake,” “racist,” etc. Add news reporting two opposite extremes of the same exact story, politicians racing to be the first politically correct so you will re-elect them, and insensitive memes regarding mass people groups. Now add the most destructive parts: a “comment” feature and “delete friend” button.

This election was the first time that even the most quiet of all social media users would raise their “share” or “like” button to show which side of the labels they found peace in, while in the same exact action, demonizing the other half of their nation. Trump didn’t force you to demonize someone else; the enemy did. He creeps in saying, “Hey, that’s funny joke about Mexicans. You should re-post that.” He celebrated when you called your Republican family member a “white supremacist.” And his ultimate victory was when you decided that person was not worthy of your grace.

I grew up being teased for being Mexican. I was told my eyes were the color of poop, that I was probably good at mowing lawns, and the term “wetback” was used while on a softball team. And when people laugh when they see old photos of me with blonde hair and contacts, I pretend laugh back. It took me a LONG time to love myself without the American expectations shoved down my throat, and it took up until recently to love others more than myself, without seeking their approval or love in return. That was, until that love was tested through this election, and even more so as Trump’s presidency continues.

It’s incredibly easy to ask a like minded person what they need prayer for, but are you willing to ask someone on “the other half?” We should be calling people into prayer, not calling people out of our lives. Making time to see someone face to face, not to scroll through a feed and remove everyone who doesn’t perfectly align with your political views. The devil wants you to see your friends and family through these blue or red filters, not as a child of God who needs to be loved and love others. We are all imperfect, we are all sinners, we are all in need of grace. And last year, I would rather rip my fingers off than type: Trump is imperfect, Trump is a sinner, Trump is in need of grace.

It’s insane how the enemy attacks us on the daily; having spent all of this time traveling to other nations and praying for strangers in villages year after year. Yet, myself, and most Christians I’m friends with, have become professionals at posting (good or bad) about our leaders before praying for our leaders. We post about how toxic a person is, before we turn our hearts to Jesus and ask to see them through His eyes. We delete people off of our friends list for them to remain different, instead of leading by example on how to love and accept others.

“Come as you are” the church says, yet the enemy twists what we practice into, “come as long as you’re how we already are.”

I get it, if you want to leave an angry comment. It must be burning inside of you, because that’s the new normal. But hopefully these thoughts make you uncomfortable, make you question if your social media actions reflect the gospel, and make you think twice of simply deleting someone because you find yourself more valuable than them.

This all what I wish I had put into practice much sooner. Let’s call it a “What I Wish I Had Known Wednesday,” because  motherhood is coming in hot with revelation of Jesus’ heart for people, and His heart for the children that will be able to look into someone’s eyes, not matter how different their political views are, and ask “how can I pray for you right now?”



Grace In Guatemala

Since being stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, my husband and I have been members of Bay Life Church in Brandon, Florida. For the past year and a half, you may have caught us on a Sunday volunteering at the Missions Café. It is a joy to share with you that I have been presented with the opportunity to travel to Guatemala on an 8-day mission trip in January 2017 with Bay Life!

The word “Mission” is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “an important assignment carried out”. God calls all of us to the upmost important assignment, and that is to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Myself, and eight others, will be working together to hold daily outreaches in Guatemala City. Through these outreaches we will get an opportunity to build relationships with the people of Guatemala, and it will also be our prayer to lead them to the cross.

Our team will be working diligently to make a “KINGDOM difference” while in Guatemala. We aren’t going on vacation. We aren’t going to simply bring aid. We aren’t going just to bring the fun to the kids. We are going to GROW the Kingdom. We are going to see lives changed, and people set free!

My trip in January obviously comes with some very high financial responsibilities. The estimated cost of our trip will be $1,600 per person. I ask of you to pray and seek God on how he wants you to sow into this trip, if that be by prayer, or if that be financially. I encourage you to do whatever he is guiding you to do.  I know $1,600 is a great number, but our God is so much greater!

Ways you can help:

1.       Prayer Partnership

Please keep the nation of Guatemala and our team in your prayers this year. Below are topics to pray for:

·         strength (physically, mentally, and spiritually)
·         team unity
·         to stay anchored in faith
·         safety during these travels
·         financial needs be met
2.       Donation Partnership

Please consider supporting my mission with this GoFundMe account. Below are the many ways you can donate:

·         Check (TAX DEDUCTIBLE) – Make check payable to “Bay Life Church” with “Angel McClung – Guatemala” on the memo line. Please mail to Bay Life Church Attn. Missions Office 1017 Kingsway Rd. Brandon, FL 33510
·         Online (TAX DECUCTIBLE) –  Donations can be made at www.baylife.org/giveglobal.Instructions are on main page and make sure to designate that the funds are for Angel McClung in Guatemala.
·         Online GoFundMe (NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE) – Donations can be made at www.gofundme.com/graceinguatemala! It’s safe, fast, free, and easy. Please be advised that giving through GoFundMe is not a deduction.
·         Book a Photoshoot (NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE) – 100% of profits from now until January 2017 will be donated to the Guatemala team. To book your session, visit facebook.com/angeladrianaphotography or contact angel.mcclung@yahoo.com

Any funds received over and above what is needed for this specific journey will go toward the benefit of our overall team; in in the event that I am not able to participate, your donation will still be used to send our team to Guatemala for the Gospel to be shared!

Thank you for your love and support over the past years. It has been a growing experience to relocated from California to Hawaii, then follow the call of God into Argentina and Haiti; all in the midst of an engagement and wedding to my amazingly wonderful husband. Your love and support has been proof of God’s grace and calling. These mission trips are a product of faith and generosity… your faith and generosity!

“A missionary is someone who leaves their family for a short while – so others may spend an eternity with theirs.”

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Field Notes: Life in Haiti

It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was typing “Field Notes: Life in Argentina”…

A new year, a new nation: HAITI.

Since returning home from Argentina: I married the love of my life, packed up everything I owned, moved across the country, decorated our home, spent quality time with my husband, rescued our sweet (giant) puppy, photographed my first wedding, started serving at a church in Florida, found my first job in Florida, and so much more… But the call came again. “GO.”

Isn’t it crazy?! I thought all of these things would make me happy. The success, marriage, money, travel… but it’s all meaningless without God. It’s meaningless to be so self-focused for joy, when joy comes from getting over yourself and loving others. Once again, God is bigger than our dreams and finances.

During the thoughts of, “I’m not going to raise the money” or “I know nothing about Haiti”, God brought in the right people at the right time.

Here is a simple breakdown of the day to day life in a foreign nation, attempting to do what Jesus calls us all to do: make disciples.

*please watch any videos in HD!

Day 0: [7.31]
Packed bags
Drove 4 hours to meet team from Texas at air port
Tampa, FL [USA] > Ft. Laud.FL[USA]

Day 1: [8.1]
Ft. Laud. FL [USA] > Port-au-Prince [HAI] > Gonaïves [HAI]
Met The Jesus Loves Me Orphanage leaders and children
Culture Introduction
Assigned rooms

Day 2: [8.2]
Sunday Service at Bigot Church
Local Market
Medical Ministries
Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 3: [8.3]
VBS at Bigot Church neighborhood
VBS at Jesus Loves Me Orphanage neighborhood
Built connections with other orphanages and pastors.
Street ministry
Dress donations to women and girls
Nae Nae….

Day 4: [8.4]
VBS at Pastor Jon’s church
Painted walls for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Built benches for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 5: [8.5]
VBS at local chrurch
Miss Dona rode a motorcycle
Painted walls for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Built benches for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Mural for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Shirt donations in Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Shirt donations for men and boys in villages
Dress donations for women and girls in villages
Tap Tap (One of the most dangerous Taxis in the world)

Day 6: [8.6]
VBS at local chrurch
Food donations in vilages
Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 7: [8.7]
Saying goodbye to the Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Gonaïves [HAI] > Port-au-Prince [HAI]

Leave Date: [8.8]


“When people ask how is was, are you going to tell them your story, or what God did?” Let me tell ya, God did amazing things! We led people to the cross, where they decided to give their life to Christ. We were led by the blind into their homes where they showed us what true joy looked like. The most amazing part is He didn’t need us, but He let us co-create with Him, revive the saved, and save the lost. I am forever thankful for our God’s love and grace. Thank you for all of you who supported by prayer, sharing, and financially sowing into the nation of Haiti!

More photos of Haiti:
Facebook Album
Personal Instagram Account

It is my desire to return to Haiti one day! As of right now, there are no trips I am going on, but if you are interested in supporting a missionary other than me, please comment below or email me! I know many lovely missionaries in need of support, prayer, and love right now! Thank you all for all that you do. Until next time…








Preparing For Haiti

Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe I’ll be in Haiti tomorrow morning! Thank you all so much for your love and support the past few months, and for the prayers to come in the next week. I can’t wait to share this season of life with you and what God is doing in the nations!

For now, I am going to share some travel tips I’ve learned over the past year in missions:

– Travel size items are bae (Thank you Target travel section).

– Spotify Unlimited is bae (follow my Haiti 2015 playlist).

– Re-useable H20 bottles are baebae (save that money).

– Headphones or bust.

– Worry about having nice shoes. Who cares what your outfit looks like if you have blisters.

– The in flight wifi is not worth it, get some sleepytietie time in.

– Making lists makes a difference

– Praise whoever created international converters!

– Gum and men’s deo. Just do it.

Below are some more tips and tricks I put to use while packing for Haiti, enjoy!


Heart for Haiti – Why am I even a missionary?

I spend another day rising. Half-felt blessed, half-felt condemned.

Half of my mind praises the Lord for the wonderful life He has blessed me with; with faith in Him, the young husband, the palm trees and beaches, the life of travel…

The other half of my mind wakes up ashamed; no “normal” 9-5 job (because apparently owning a clothing line, photography, and being a missionary isn’t good enough), no kids yet (“oh you’re busy? Just wait until you have kids”), no day to day schedules filled (just weeks blocked at a time around the map)…

My second thought, after my half thoughts, is, “I should write a blog today! About Haiti and love and cultures and races and…” *sips airborne tea* *turns on TV* *sees Charleston church massacre* My heart dropped. I don’t know these people or these faces, but the pain remains the same… I can’t explain it. The feeling you get when you hear the horror. You want it to be just a demonic movie, or video game, or anything but REAL.

How is this a THING in our nation right now? How is whites vs. blacks / civilians vs. police / LGBT vs. homophobics / some group of people vs. some other group of people – How did these become things we kill over in our nation? How do people passive-aggressively share hate about each other on Facebook? When did being an advocate become being a hate-filled extremist?

God, it’s heartbreaking. Really. To strive to live everyday, looking at people – trying to see them with the heart Jesus has for them – and for someone to walk before you and spit on their face, share Facebook hate, giggle with their families about a “joke”, compare them to someone else “better”, beat them up when they walk home from the bar, criticize their physical appearance, go in their church and take their lives. The list keeps going on, because we let it.

Over three years ago, I had a heart for Haiti. I sat in a foreign church. They said “hey, we have a team going to Haiti” and I said sign me up. No questions, no doubts, no experience, just the green light. My head was so sure, my boyfriend (now husband) was up for the adventure too. It ended quickly and quietly. Someone talked him out of it, so I got scared too, and a bailed. God opened the door and gave me a green light, and I let the fear from darkness close it. Oh the places we could go… if we didn’t let the fear of the unknown keep us from going there. It was then I learned, when God says “go”, whatever is on the other side is worth it.

Fast forward, I’ve been in planes, buses, trains, cars, and mopeds this past year more hours than most go on in a decade. My ears have popped, my stomach has been tested, and my feet have blistered. I’ve slept in bus stations, airports, hostels, strangers homes, school campus’, tents, and so much more. I’ve gone through “stuff” not to look at my freshly manicured nails and say, “Mmmmm, yeah. I’m like, well traveled so…” I went though it to look at the face of Jesus and say, “You, You’re worth it all. EVERY nation. EVERY soul.”


Traveling, even when gritty, has led me to more and more of God’s heart, more people He loves. I’ve met a woman who’s boyfriend would beat her, and she cried to me, “I want a better life.” Guy skating in Argentina, said “I am the way I am, because too many people have hurt me.” When not traveling, I’ve worked with someone who was gay that gave their life to Jesus, someone who was a drug dealer and got healed in the break room who gave his life to God. LIKE COME ON, THESE ARE GOD’S PEOPLE! But fear keeps you away from the unknown…

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. – Louisa May Alcott

So, when the opportunity for me to go to Haiti came up, I knew, I KNEW it was God saying He will finish what He started in my heart. It’s not the gold star sticker, or super cool Instagram pictures I’m after. It’s the people in this world who are untouchable, unlovable, misunderstood and so broken to the point where they feel like dying, killing, or indulging in sin… That’s what I’m after, loving them the way Jesus did, does, and will continue loving. Until every nation, every tribe, every people hear the good news…

 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands – Revelation 7:9


If you would like to partner with me in sending help to Haiti Orphanages, please visit www.gofundme.com/heaveninhaiti 

Field Notes: Life in Argentina

To say this year was a year of blessings, is an understatement. Aside from getting engaged, planning a wedding, and quitting my day job to focus on Jesus, I spent the second half of this year with University of the Nations. When I felt called to do a DTS in Kona, Hawaii, my initial thought was “no one will support me.” But, to declare that, is to say that God isn’t bigger than our dreams or finances. The past six months have been an uncontrollable roller-coaster. Yet, day after day, God proves himself faithful. Especially these last few months. During the happy tears and tears of pain: God is good. Here is a simple breakdown of the week to week life in a foreign nation, attempting to do what Jesus calls us all to do: make disciples.

* To exclude the bad, would be to exclude the grace of God, and the reality of being human.

** These were the things I was excluded from because of health reasons.
Week 1: [9.20 – 9.26]
Kona [USA] > LAX [USA] > Dallas [USA] > Buenos Aries [ARG] > Ushuaia [ARG]
Met Ushuaia YWAM base leaders, staff, and students
Culture Introduction
Evangelism at high schools (drug use prevention)
Service: cleaning construction site
Exploring city of Ushuaia
* American Airlines flight returned back to states because of pressurization issues.
Week 2: [9.27 – 10.3]
Government meeting for members in charge of “Religion” to discuss the Holy Bible
Leading Youth Groups at a Baptist church
City wide church collaboration for annual city service.
Street Evangelism with Youth Group
Ushuaia [ARG] > Chile > El Calafate [ARG] > El Chalten [ARG]
10 Hr hike to Fitz Roy in Patagonia
* Asthma triggered with dust and cold.
* Inhaler prescribed
Week 3: [10.4 – 10.10]
City prayer walks
Exploring town of El Chalten
El Chalten [ARG] > Rio Gallegos [ARG] > Mendoza [ARG]
Met Mendoza YWAM base leaders, staff, and students
Team speaks at church
Week 4: [10.11 – 10.17]
Team // leadership development course in mountains [NIKO] **
Cabin time
Service and evangelism for mountain community **
^ 5 salvations in one family
Exploring city of Mendoza
Visit JuCUM office of Mendoza
Service: clean up for JuCUM base quincenera
* 2nd asthma attack
Week 5: [10.18 – 10.24]
Ropes course (high and low circuit)
Soccer Ministry **
Community center prayer walk
Street evangelism
Speaking at schools
Mural painting at schools
Service: preparing and clean up for JuCUM base wedding
Sharing testimonies at churches
^ 6 salvations at the church
Week 6: [10.25 – 10.31]
Fasting || Prayer
Painted mural at a school
Street Evangelism
Recycle project
YWAM base intercession
Bullying prevention at schools
Service: painting ladies nails at community center
CPR class at community center
Aerobics class at community center **
Lead at local youth group
*doctors appointment: prescribed new inhalers and medication
Week 7: [11.1 – 11.7]
Mendoza > Las Vegas
Daily worship time // devotionals
Hiked to idol worship sites **
Street evangelism
Invited to pray with Muslim and Hindu community
Prayer walks
Service: preparing firewood for community
Week 8: [11.8 – 11.14]
House church
Horseback riding through immediate mountain areas **
Stationed at Argentine Army Base: Puente Del Inca
Geology and English teachings at military school
Community clean up project
Aconcagua Cemetery clean up
Hike with Army **
Week 9: [11.15 – 11.22]
Ropes Course
Leading Baptist Youth Group
Soccer Ministry **
Service time: JuCUM Base
Team Debrief and Processing
*Hospitalized in Argentina for dehydration and excessive vomiting
Leave Date: [11.23]
We returned home to Kona for our school-wide debrief. Unfortunately my time where was cut short due to health reasons, but as one of our speakers said, “When people ask how is was, are you going to tell them your story, or what God did?” And let me tell ya, God did amazing things! The most amazing part is He didn’t need us, but He let us co-create with Him, revive the saved, and save the lost. I am forever thankful for our God’s love and grace. Thank you for all of you who supported by prayer, sharing, and financially. In the past six months, I met the most precious friends, and got the once in a lifetime opportunity to serve in the places we did (like living with another Army)! Thank you all, and happy new year!

Five Things To Know About Long Distance Relationships (Military and Missions)

He’s in the military, I am in missions.

The questions never end, even so close to the wedding.
“Is it difficult?'”
“How do you do it?”
“Do you guys ever talk?”
“Why did you leave him?” or “Why did he leave you?”
“What if he finds someone else?”
At first it was fun to answer these questions, I thought I was so optimistic. But now? I realize when people genuinely care or just doubts that true and faithful love actually exists. I thought it was just a young single person thing, but I started worrying when married women (or worse: newlyweds) mentioned it.

Here are five things to know before getting into (or continuing) a long distance relationship (or engagement)

1. There will always be time to talk.

Even with a six hour time difference or being nations apart, there should always be time made to communicate with each other. At points, it may mean sacrificing sleep. Sometimes both parties have to loose some Zzzz’s to get by with staying on the same page. So much life happens in a day, and if you aren’t bending over backwards to share a sliver of your life with someone else, or bending over backwards to hear about their life… maybe it is time to cut the cord. I don’t know about you, but I love to hear the fascinating adventures of my love. Maybe there would be a lack of a spark if I called, and he was playing the same video game as yesterday, or was “too busy” to make time for me. It’s just like making time to read your bible or drive thru the 15 minute Starbucks line. You make time for what you can’t live without.

2. No one left anyone, it’s called living out our dreams.

I cringe when someone refers to military dudes and chicks or missionaries as “leaving.” “They left their familes behind.” I believe it’s jumping ahead. Jumping at the opportunity to serve and love others as Christ loves us. You can say “leaving,” but we chose to step away from a comfortable life temporarily so others may live free from hate, shame, and condemnation forever.

3. Distance does not influence cheating.

What if one of us finds another… well I guess it depends on if you’re looking for someone else or not. If you go out and you’re looking to give someone attention or receive it, then you’re definitely not ready for a committed relationship. My sister once said, “If someone is going to cheat, why is distance a contender? They could cheat even when you live in the same house, so why would being apart make much of a difference?” I would agree. Would you stay close to someone to slim the odds of them cheating? The way I look at it is: I love Jesus, my future husband loves Jesus, and I love my future husband.” What’s the worst that could happen? He cheats and there’s someone better out there? If I loved the wrong person THIS much, I can’t wait to see how I love the right person for me. Humans will always let us down, but God is the consistent anchor we can holdfast to. God is a JUST and good God. He has a plan for us. So don’t hold someone else’s mistakes against your significant other. There’s two outcomes: you make it to the point of someone else is protecting your heart, or you make it to the point where God protects you from someone not worth giving your heart to.

4. Have fun with it.

Yes, we still have fun and go out. What good would talking do if we were constantly waiting for the other person? Go out for burgers with the boys, get the best brew in town. Go to the beach with your classmates, go wine tasting when you have the once in a lifetime opportunity. All that matters is the intentions behind going out, and the choices made even when no one is watching. We don’t sit at home, with no going out rules, or with any rules at all. If rules have to be set, it means someone has no self control and someone wants to gain full control. I sleep a room next to male teammates, he sleeps a floor next to female coworkers. What matters is, even in the midst of worldly desires and temptation, we walk with integrity, love, honor, faith, and hope in a happily ever after handcrafted by the one who created the stars. When there’s hope like that, what in the world could Satan offer that would be more desirable than true love?

5. Lastly, it isn’t easy… but worth it.

When people ask, my immediate answer has been, “No, it’s easy when both people love Jesus.” Until I’m in a village in the mountains with no Wi-Fi weeks at a time, then I find things I wish I could tell him. I’ll make notes to forward to him, I believe it’s an overflow of friendship. When something wonderful (or terrible) happens, and all you want is for your best friend to know. There is an absence that can not be filled by anyone else, but the Holy Spirit is the ultimate comforter. Even in difficult times, I know that God would not lead me into wasting my time; there is beauty in longsuffering. We come out wiser, discerning what is right and wrong by righteous standards.

Of an eleven month engagement, I’ve seen my fiancé for two months and four days. The next time I see him, will be two days before our wedding. Has it been easy? No. But loving him through any distance or situation has. If I could time travel and give myself advice, I’d say this:
Pray about all things. Pray together. Pray for each others. The world says to fight for what you love, but Jesus did not fight for us. He walked humbly, He loved unconditionally, and laid down His life for us. Love is not hard, distance is not hard, planning a wedding from another country without Wi-Fi is not hard. When I look at the life of Jesus, and see what he had done, does do, and will do for His bride, I see that there is nothing His grace can’t cover. Distance can not phase true love, because even during the times where we are so far from God, He loves us. Even when we live by faith, and not by sight, we love Him. If believing in true love makes me a fool, then I am the happiest fool there ever was.

YWAM Update: Semi-final Destination

The past few weeks have been INSANE.

First off, holy holy holy is the Lord God almighty: I got ALL of my outreach funds in the last 24 hours before it was due. Thank you to all who supported this mission, it means the absolute world. When the last donation came in, I burst into tears. It has been a year of raising $10,000. My heart told me this was my calling, while my mind told me there was no chance in heck that I would get the funds. So, again, thank you so much!

20140907_122611aSecond off… I have had island fever for weeks now. Itching to get out of Hawaii and into the nations! My heart has been stirred for the Argentine people and ruined for the ordinary “normal life.” Missions is our new normal. Building genuine friendships and loving unconditionally is the new normal. Spending days in airports talking about adventures is the new normal. It’s nice to break out of the island and see God in the faces of all those we encounter. He is everywhere and we get the privilege of serving a piece of His heart.

photo 1 photo 3

So as I sit here in our last layover on U.S. soil, I just wanted to say thank you guys so much. I can’t wait to share stories with you on this blog or when I return!

See y’all in December!

P.S. I will not have cell service, nor texting. Please contact me via e-mail, instagram, or voxer

❤ xoxo

The Scribbles of My Mind On Something Amazing

My mind is mush. I want to type something to translate to you how amazing the YWAM Awaken DTS has been, but every time I sit to blog about it… my mind scribbles and my heart explodes and they leave me with little words. So I will list out highlights in hope that you see the slightest change in the person I once was, and the person I am becoming…

1. I’ve learned God is the following: king, father, lord, beautiful, lover, creator, friend, provider, glorious, powerful, light, and so so so so so good. These have been said to me as a child, as a teen, as an adult… but they were just words that had no meaning. I now see, hear, feel, and talk to Him (weird, I know.) Now I see the face of Jesus and the color of the Holy Spirit that show me the character of God. Jesus is not just words that have no meaning, but He is teaching me to walk in a way that brings His kingdom here on Earth.

2. Great friends exist. This is the first time in my life that I have been in a bubble of Jesus weirdos… Literally. We are on an island. In the middle of no where. Living with people from all over the world, has shown me that true friendship exists. All I had to do was take my head out of my butt and just LOVE. Love unconditionally, love even when they use my tooth paste without asking, love even when our theology doesn’t agree, love even when they don’t love me back, love even when they aren’t lovable. Why? Because God loves them. Jesus died for them. They were wonderfully, perfectly made, and deserve true love here in this short life.

3. I am so loved and supported. Thank you to all who have supported me in prayer and finances! $7,000 raised, I am so blessed by you. The past 22 years I’ve struggled with my own identity. I’ve felt unloved and unsupported. Part of the DTS teaches us the keys of discipleship:

  1. God loves us
  2. We love God
  3. We love ourselves
  4. We love others

We can’t do 2 without 1, or 4 without 3. How can I love others if I don’t know my own value? I’ve found it, with the help of many of you who have spoke life into me, and just simply cared. It means the world… I can now love the nations wholeheartedly. A large role in this has been forgiveness and removing expectations. I had the selfish mindset of, “if they don’t support me or reach out, then they don’t care about me.” When in reality, people have lives, kids, and jobs, and they care about me as a person, they just don’t have time to show it. So, please excuse me as I continue to pull my head out of my butt.

I can honestly say that the past few months have been the most stressful, rewarding, stretching, growing, loving, important season of my life. I am so overwhelmed with how much light is bottled up in side of me waiting to reach the darkness of the nations! Unfortunately, I am currently in a grey area. Either my journey continues on in the nation of Argentina, or I am packing my bags and heading home…

My heart and soul screams for the nations. God called me into being a missionary to work in orphanages and to see an end to sex trafficking, and I answered the call. Here I am, with my plane tickets already purchased to Argentina, and all supplies have been provided… I know God did not bring me all this way to go home in two and a half weeks because of money.

So I ask, I humbly ask you, family/ friends/ reader, to join me in prayer. Pray that my mission doesn’t end here. Pray protection and safety over my team during our travels. Pray for the people of the ten nations we are being sent out to. Pray and ask if you are to support me in pioneering with my team to Argentina to share Jesus to the people of the Patagonia Mountains. If you feel like the Lord is leading you to partner with this mission to Argentina, you can donate at this secure link: http://www.gofundme.com/6zeegs

If you would like to know more about this mission and how you can help, please e-mail me at angeladriana@californiamail.com



The Tides Are Changing: Argentina/ Patagonia Outreach

It has been two months of preparing for the nations here at University of the Nations. I wish I could go in depth about how training is, but that would be trying to explain the infinite character of Jesus… All I can say, is I am not the same.

I used to believe the term “people never change.” In fact, I used to believe a lot of lies about the world. Spoon fed by pop culture and media, never having a foundation to stand on, never having truth to stand on. I simply just went with the flow, and caught the same wave of life as everyone else… well, the tides are changing. People can change, and I am preparing to bring truth to the people of Argentina.

We feel like God wants to move in the mountains, and we have answered the call. In a little over a month we will be setting off, all six of us, to this amazing place to move and shift the spirit of the mountains. We are stirred deep inside to see Gods inheritance for his Argentinian sons and daughters. Join our team of six on our adventure to love the country of Argentina, the Patagonia Mountains, and Chile.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to prepare and train for our travels. Please pray that all finances would come in for all of our team. Plane tickets are purchased and we are committed to leaving September 20th. Budgets are finalized and the cost for me to go. I need to raise $2,700 dollars to run after God’s call.

If you want to partner with this, you can go about it two ways:
You can send a check to the following address:
Angel Adriana
Awaken DTS
75-5851Kuakini HWY #262
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
Or online via this secure link: www.gofundme.com/6zeegs
Fees are due by 8.28.14.