If you've wandered to this blog post, it is most likely because you or someone you love is expecting... CONGRATULATIONS! Pregnancy is an exciting time to prepare for a new family member, and if you're like me, you searched high and low to make things perfect. As much as I love sharing products, it is … Continue reading NEWBORN MUST HAVES


Guilt-Free Self-Love

      When I was a child, I would dream about my life now. I prayed so hard to God, to the moon, and my dead grandpa for love and to become a mom. I wanted a baby Simba or a Barbie in my arms at all times. I wanted to comb it's hair, … Continue reading Guilt-Free Self-Love

Feelings about The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

I wanted to give myself a full week to share my feeling about the Last Jedi (who am I kidding, I really just wanted to watch it three times.) While most would say "review," I'm going to say "feelings" since that's all that they are. Reviews are for experts, and I am simply a consumer. … Continue reading Feelings about The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

Nursing Friendly Outfits For Traveling With Baby

These will probably be my forever favorite travel outfits to share, because it was Anakin's first two flight! Planning the trip was nerve wracking in it's self, but the Lord provided the finances and flights all in perfect timing (as He always does.) While I have a million experiences I want to share about our … Continue reading Nursing Friendly Outfits For Traveling With Baby

Minimal + Budget Friendly Christmas Decor

I've collaborated with Lorena Canals rugs to show you guys how we've decorated our home for Christmas with our minimal style and newborn budget! Fairy Lights $5.99 at Target Nativity Scene $24.99 at 50% off from Michael's Arts & Crafts Tree and Lights $23.99 on sale at Target Garland + Simple Wall Decor Snowflake decor … Continue reading Minimal + Budget Friendly Christmas Decor