DIY: Summer to Autumn Home Decor Ideas

With a baby on the way, I know that making my home cozy for the upcoming holidays will be last on my list. So while I’m already in the nesting phase, I decided to get a head start on all the little things I’ll wish I’ll be able to do once this little one joins us! Here are a few DIY’s and affordable ways to get excited for the upcoming fall season.


DIY Mickey Wicker + Floral Wreath

Such an easy DIY, it really is up to you on what size and style you’d like to make for your home! We will add a basic large one to our front door, but the medium sized Mickey fits best above our entertainment stand.

DIY Quote & Dollar Tree Pumpkins

I was so happy to find these adorable pumpkins at the Dollar Tree! It was a great place to look before Target brings out their dollar spot and charges $3 – $5 per pumpkin. On the framed quote, I forgot to see if my pencil marks were erasable (heads up: if you’re using textured scrap-booking paper, IT’S NOT!) But the frame is next to our Mickey, far from the eye, so I just left it because I’m lazy.

Candles + Seasonal Florals

I know candles can be a touchy subject, so whatever your home uses! Candles, wax warmers, oil-defusers… WE USE THEM ALL! We tend to like anything that doesn’t smell too sugary. Our favorite types of fall smells are: spiced chai, spiced apple, and pine trees. Basically anything that we don’t organically smell in Florida.


I hope these DIY’s and affordable decor ideas spark your excitement for the end of summer!



DIY Carseat Cover (Star Wars Themed)


Happy Monday! It has been a fun weekend of organizing and creating our nursery. I had a yard of this stretchy and breathe-able fabric from Joann’s sale last week, and felt it would be perfect for a gender neutral car-seat cover!



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  1. Measure fabric and pin to cover the circumference of the car seat.
  2. Sew along pinned area.
  3. Stretch tunnel of fabric around car seat.
  4. Make even and symmetrical knots of extra fabric along the sides of the car seat handle.
  5. Pin knots in place.
  6. Sew folds at knots to secure fabric around the handles.
  7. Trim excess fabric and tuck in.
  8. Add any finishing touches!




I hope this post inspires you to make a cover for your own kids or an expecting friend! We are in Florida, so many store bought covers are unsafe for the high temperatures, but thank God for needles, threads, and cute prints at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts.

I unfortunately can’t find this exact print, but here are other Star Wars options:





It has been so highly requested to share a bit of our home with the world. This was made with our west coast family in mind! We have had a handful of guests come and visit with us at this house, but we will be moving soon. I find that every space we have has it’s own personality; a warmth of it’s own that can not be covered with our chaos, but can be used collaboratively. I hope you enjoy this taste of our McClung Casa, and we will see ya soon at the next one! xoxo – angel

Deployment Homecoming DIY’s

If you are stumbling upon this blog post, it is most likely because someone you love is coming home.

  1. an instance of returning home.
    2. a chance to make a beer cake, or cute sign, shave your legs, and buy sexy lingerie


The Beer Cake.

36 bottled beer,

two platforms (mine was a salad bowl and Tupperware)

American flag duct-tape

topped with an American flag

(Pom poms for photographic effects)


Sign #1

Navy Blue pre-cut foam board

White Glitter

White marker (I used chalk board markers)


Sign #2

Table runner paper

*wrap around center of the door and tape*

White markers


Sign #3

Reverse side of table runner paper


Sense of humor


It’s not about the amount of time they have been gone,
the things that went wrong while they were gone,
or the right things they happened to miss.
What matters is they’re finally home.


How To: Military Care Package (Christmas Themed)

Okay. I have no idea what I’m most happy about:

  1. I’m off work the next two days.
  2. Elf is playing on the TV right now.
  3. I’m on my second beer.
  4. I applied for a house this week.
  5. My Christmas packages arrived safely to the middle east!

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing the mother of all care package ideas, CHRISTMAS! *Praise break* In this post, I’ll show you not one, not two, but THREE packages I put together for my husband, troops, and my family! If you have a loved one deployed, in school, or just far away, I hope this helps inspire you to send love via care packages!


Theme: Christmas // Holiday Gifts
My husband’s is the only one with decorated “flaps” (?) Whatever they’re called. The wings on boxes that unveil awesome stuff. I used scrapbook paper to cover them completely, metallic stickers to say, “Dear Deployment, LET HIM GOOOO!” *Frozen dance break*, Olaf and snowflake stickers, along with a picture of us 🙂
Inside the box is a burlap bag and many gifts! Our puppy helped me out a little… gifts
I made sure to include a gift for new years and our anniversary in January! The gifts were dated up to 12 days, making them the “12 Days of Christmas.” So everyday he has a gift to look forward to, with the last one being (hopefully) his favorite! (Total weight: 50 LBS)  Feel free to ask in the comment section for gift ideas, but for now, I’ll move onto what was in the package for our troops!
  • Instant soups
  • Mac n cheese
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal (instant)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Beef Jerky
  • Almonds & Walnuts
  • Breakfast Teas & Stress Relief Teas
  • Hot Coco
  • Candy Canes
  • & 150 + Homemade cookies (Chocolate chip, sugar, mint chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, and snicker doodle)

Total weight: 40 lbs.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this package, and to my beautiful mom, sister, and niece (along with her girl scout troop) for sending their own packages with just as much, if not more to our troops!

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

As for my family’s package, I sent two packages to California. One to “mom’s side” and one to “dad’s side.” Instead of ordering online, or sending gift cards, I wanted to personally wrap each gift with a photo that comes to mind when I think of them.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Grandma Toni at Kristi’s Wedding 2015

Okay, and maybe all of my gifts are from Nordstrom… Sorry hunny!

I hope this inspires you to spoil those you love, and spoil them well. We never know when our last day will be, so don’t hold love back from anyone ❤ Happy Holiday and may our troops, you, and your loved ones be blessed in the name of Jesus!

Xoxo – Angel


Thanksgiving Care Package Post: Click here.

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How To: Military Care Package (Halloween Themed)

Praise the lamb! My first care package to my deployed Airman arrived safely! This was my first care package I have ever sent anyone, so I was very nervous. If you have a loved one deployed, in school, or just far away, I hope this helps inspire you to send love via care packages!
Theme: Nightmare Before Christmas / Spooky
I covered the interior of the box completely with colored papers, and drew the Jack & Sally by freehand (google images for references)
  • Oatmeal Cream Cookies (1 box)
  • 5HR Energy Shots (2)
  • Candies (assorted, non-meltable)
  • Peanut Butter (4 to-go cups)
  • Men’s Health Magazine
  • Beef Jerkey
  • “Open When:” Letters
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Post-workout Formula
  • Body Wipes for Sports
  • Homemade Cookies
  • Word Search
  • Ibuprofen
  • Pain Killers (PM)

Topped off the box with Halloween decorations (my husband is terrified of spiders) just for for fun 🙂

Just because you’re not with the ones you love, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the little things!

Every time I go to a store, I try to buy at least one thing for my husband that reminds me of him. Things that will bring him joy in the midst of working so hard for our freedom… it’s the least I could do ❤


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DIY: Antique Coffee Bar For Under $100

Hey y’all, hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. If it was spent with family, friends, or solo watching Netflix, let us all be grateful for this wonderful life! A life where we get to choose joy and express creativity.

This week, my husband and I hit the thrift stores to find the perfect shelf for a coffee bar. The one we found was priced for $125, but dropped to $85, so we jumped on it! Unfortunately when we got home, the coffee maker (keurig 2.0) didn’t even fit on it. Thank the Lord, He blessed me with a handy man who sawed out a shelf, and hole in the back for cords. The shelves had an ugly print on it, so we covered it with nonadhesive paper from Bed, Bath, & Beyond ($10). Also painted the nobs and  hinges white, along with “Cafe McClung.”

Below are some progress pictures, enjoy!

a PicMonkey CB3aCB1a  CB2a ❤ Angel Adriana