Military Partner

The creator, manager, and voice of Anchors & Planes. Angel has been an USAF wife for over six years and is a mother of two toddlers. She has lead in multiple ministries on base, in the church, and around the globe; she is passionate about encouraging military families and empowering them in the midst of sacrifice and service. Angel owns a media company that specializes in portraits and illustrations. She currently creates all Anchors & Planes content and her business out of their current duty station in Washington State.

The Blog & Podcast

The first blog posts for Anchors & Planes was a series for what supporter’s could expect of Basic Training (how to encourage their member and visiting for graduation); since then the blog has been a resource for families facing deployments, raising families, and navigating the storms of living a military lifestyle. Anchors & Planes is now streaming in podcast form as well to further serve our community and encourage those in a season of life while “on-the-go.”

The best ways to support Anchors & Planes community is by sharing our posts, shopping our affiliate links, and tuning in for what is to come next!


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