DIY: Summer to Autumn Home Decor Ideas

With a baby on the way, I know that making my home cozy for the upcoming holidays will be last on my list. So while I’m already in the nesting phase, I decided to get a head start on all the little things I’ll wish I’ll be able to do once this little one joins us! Here are a few DIY’s and affordable ways to get excited for the upcoming fall season.


DIY Mickey Wicker + Floral Wreath

Such an easy DIY, it really is up to you on what size and style you’d like to make for your home! We will add a basic large one to our front door, but the medium sized Mickey fits best above our entertainment stand.

DIY Quote & Dollar Tree Pumpkins

I was so happy to find these adorable pumpkins at the Dollar Tree! It was a great place to look before Target brings out their dollar spot and charges $3 – $5 per pumpkin. On the framed quote, I forgot to see if my pencil marks were erasable (heads up: if you’re using textured scrap-booking paper, IT’S NOT!) But the frame is next to our Mickey, far from the eye, so I just left it because I’m lazy.

Candles + Seasonal Florals

I know candles can be a touchy subject, so whatever your home uses! Candles, wax warmers, oil-defusers… WE USE THEM ALL! We tend to like anything that doesn’t smell too sugary. Our favorite types of fall smells are: spiced chai, spiced apple, and pine trees. Basically anything that we don’t organically smell in Florida.


I hope these DIY’s and affordable decor ideas spark your excitement for the end of summer!


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