What We Kept From Baby #1

Lets get real: baby stuff is expensive AF. I knew I wanted a big family. I didn’t know how many would be fostered, adopted, or biological – but like, give me all the babies. I still want a big family, and with our newest addition on the way, I thought I’d share how we are saving HELLA money by simply storing stuff, and re-using it until there is an absolute need to replace it. Say it with me: SAVE DAT MONEY.

What we kept from our first baby:

Dock A Tot

Hands down our most favorite baby item from our first. He loved to relax and rest in his Dock (and looked absolutely adorable in it). We luckily were obsessed with having most of his room and baby things gender neutral, which helps now because we don’t have to buy a new cover!  


I am ashamed to admit it: I was not a fan of the pack n play. My sister had one and LOVED it, but we we’re near any family for sleep overs, so it seemed like a waste. I was SO close to exchanging it for diapers or necessities, but was talked out of it… and thank God. Our first was born during a HURRICANE, and we grabbed that stupid pack’n’play and evacuated with our two day old. It was (and is) so useful because it has a bassinet attachment, changing attachment, mobile, and can be used as a crib or play yard for older babies. There’s so many uses, that with the possibility of a new baby liking any of them – makes it completely worth it to store in the garage for next time!


Ugh, my heart hurts that Anakin isn’t in a crib anymore! But we recently moved, and instead of investing in another crib or toddler bed, it made more sense to give the crib to the new sibling (and Anakin a twin size). Thankfully the sturdy and beautiful convertible crib that our in-laws gifted us held up during our cross country move. It’s still in pieces in the garage, but since we don’t know what our living arraignments are for long-term (lol what is long-term in the military?) we are waiting to rebuild our crib.

Activity Mat:

Why are these so expensive?! Maybe I should open up an etsy shop and charge poor new parents a hundred dollars for a dollop of fabric that just LAYS THERE. I mean, sure, it protected our baby/ visiting babies from dog hair, but the price tag on them make it worth it to hold onto!


I must me brutally cheap, because the price tag of girl clothes makes me want to throw up. Thank you Jesus for my gender neutral obsession, because all I can stomach spending money on is a set of hair bows and calling it quits. All of our newborn clothes, gloves, socks, and beanies stayed in PERFECT condition. As the size in the clothing goes up, so does the blow outs, spit ups, crawling wears, and grass stains. At least we are set until 9 months sizes! Some brands we loved: Burt’s Bees, Cat + Jack, and Kate Quinn Organics. His best shoes came from Old Navy, Crocs, and Vans!


Lastly, hold onto all the swaddles, blankets, sleep sacks, burp cloths, baby carriers, and bath towels. We received an abundance of linens from brands, hand made from my grandma, or second hand from military families. Most of them were used until our first was two and still have so much life left in them! Some brands to look into: Copper Pearl, Ollie Swaddles, Burt’s Bees, and aden & anais. Ollie Swaddles: 10% off all products*

Let’s math real quick: $200 dock + $500 crib + $100 mattress + $50 for linens for said mattress + $100 pack n play + $100 activity mat + $100 in carrier… not counting towels, burp cloths, CLOTHING/ all the things… We saved at least over a grand by storing what we already had! Don’t be modest – let someone throw you a baby shower for your first. Don’t be elite – shop second hand or accept hand-me-downs. I love you Marie Kondo, but don’t Marie Kondo perfectly useful baby items – use your garage, a closet, under your bed, or any space to store thousands of dollars you can save yourself and your loved ones. I’m very passionate about being cheap! Or as I like to call it: not dumb.

So tell me: what did you hold onto or wish you held onto from your first?

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