Go Bold: Floating Frame DIY

Go boldly or go home. Or be bold and go home. I love bold, and I love my home – which is why I just planted this massive black and white flag in the middle of our first home on the west coast. Our biggest mission here is to make this place OURS. It’s not our forever residence, it’s not even where we plan to be in five years – but we are the one’s living in it EVERY SINGLE DAY, so yeah. I get what I want, and mama wanted a flag in the center of where our life happens.

It pains be to disclaim that the black and white flag (as of right now) does not represent anything. This is a very strange, yet immensely needed year; despite the sarcastic memes I share, I am so glad God put me in the middle of a pandemic, protests, riots, elections, and all of the things that make me seek Him. I am so grateful for my immigrant grand parents bringing our families here, our freedoms to believe in God, the opportunity to be a business owner at 20, and raise children how I see appropriate. I believe you can love your country, advocate for changes, and pray for unity at the same time; this is what the flag means to me. It is not an idol, just a symbol – it maybe replaced, but right now – it is bold.


If you are a master woodworker, framer, or perfectionist, I am going to need you to get out of here because we are straight up hood DIY over here. I am still winging my eyeliner a decade after high school; I’m not afraid to wing it on home decor. We had some spare wood (3/4in x 1 1/2in) from our home improvement store. I promise you, it is zero percent intimidating to walk up to an employee and tell them what you want! If you don’t have a circular saw like we do (linked below), just ask them to cut the wood for you at your preferred measurements; it’s free. If you are looking to use our exact flag (linked below), these measurements will be perfect for you, because our flag was not exactly 3X5 like all the amazon listings advertise. Our frame pieces on top and bottom ended up measuring 46 in across, while the sides are 64 in height. Our bottom and top pieces cover the sides (photo above). If you want a colored or strained look, I recommend doing that before putting them up so you don’t bleed onto the wall.

We drilled out where we were adding finishing nails to secure it to the wall. After the frame is up, you can use wood filler on the nails, sand down, and touch up paint.


Our Black And White United States Flag | Finishing Nails | Circular Saw | Black Chalk Paint | Cordless Drill + Accessories |

Framing wood, color matched wood filler, and brushes can be found at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or local lumbar supply store.


The colors of the flag have important meanings. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Aparna Krishnamoorthy

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