Shared Room Nursery (Toddler + Newborn)

I am going to just make this short and sweet, because let’s be real: you saw something on my IG stories and you want a link haha. I may be the only one keeping the economy going… ’tis stimulated indeed thanks to all my Amazon and Target orders. As always, any links on this blog maybe affiliate or associate links – meaning when you shop from them, we earn a little commission and do a happy dance! Some of the furniture pieces are discontinued or thrifted – so many are just decor or newer products still available online.

A little back story (for those that don’t follow me on Instagram,) my toddler (2 yr) is named Anakin (Darth Vader – Star Wars) and my newborn (3 mo) is named Killian (Captain Hook – Once Upon A Time). Their halves of the room are themed accordingly, but streamlined together with white, black, and neutrals! Fun fact, this isn’t even our house. We are currently in the home buying process and are set to close on a house in a few weeks – so we will be moving shortly after completing some renovations… because why not make life more interesting during a pandemic. Pray for me. K bye!

Darth Vader Pillow | Toddler Dock A Tot | Toddler Railing | Star Wars Lights

Millennium Falcon Shelf | Vader + Friends | Vader + Son | Vader + Princess | POP! Gold Vader

White board | Modern Chairs | Custom Artwork

Gator Pillow | Hook Pillow | White Wheel | Play Mat

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