Hey y’all! I finally got around to showing more of Anakin’s Star Wars nursery here in Florida. He’s growing like a weed so everything in the room changes monthly, but here are some photos from the early newborn days and what it looks like now seven months later! Some of my favorite details are the paintings we did while waiting for him to arrive and our custom made waddle from Blush and Blue (a fellow military family business that we adore!) All of his furniture are from different stores and brands, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section!





If you’ve wandered to this blog post, it is most likely because you or someone you love is expecting… CONGRATULATIONS! Pregnancy is an exciting time to prepare for a new family member, and if you’re like me, you searched high and low to make things perfect. As much as I love sharing products, it is vital to look you dead in the eyes and say: YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF IT. Yes, things are helpful, but a newborn just needs a fresh diaper, some boob juice, and loving arms to sleep in.
If you are in a stressful financial situation, BREATHE. We live in a time where marketing is so intense, the sellers low-key shame new parents into thinking they will fail without their products… so STAY WOKE LADIES! All a baby needs is a tribe to look at it with heart eyes, and an occasional giggle when they fart. Don’t do anything just because it’s what’s trending on social media; invest in items that work best for your family.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are items that were most loved by us during the fog that is newborn-ness. Even though those first couple months flew by, these are the items that were useful and registry worthy!
*discount listed at end of post
Dock A Tot*
I’ve talked about DockATot maybe once on the blog (here.) It was the only way Anakin would sleep in his bassinet and made transitioning to the crib a breeze. The design is comforting for baby, and easy on the eyes. – We still use for occasional naps in our bed and the office room
I wish we had our Ollie swaddle since the beginning! Anakin was so snug and happy in his. It was the only swaddle he couldn’t break out of and is a great transition swaddle. The price is not astronomical for how great it is, but some more affordable ones that last: copper pearl and target muslin ones. We still use all of ours to use as a mat on our dog hair infested home, a light blanket strolling through the grocery store, nursing covers when feeling creeper vibes, and entertainment producing man-made breezes.
I swore up and down that I did not need a pack n play… My sister kept telling me DON’T RETURN IT, YOU WILL USE IT. We had a crib, bassinet, and changing table, WHY DO I NEED IT? Well, it came pretty handy when we left the hospital with an hour to evacuate for a category 4 hurricane. Anakin’s first couple days were spend being changed in and sleeping in the PackNPlay accessories. We didn’t use it again until he started rolling, and it is the only way I can pee or vacuum peacefully nowadays. The once ugly PackNPlay has it’s beautiful home in our living room, praise God.
Carseat + Stroller:
It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: you need to go places.
This is one of the multipurpose items that is always our go to! Nursing? Boppy. Bottle feeding? Boppy. Tummy time? Boppy. Resting? Boppy. Catching flights? Boppy. This is truly our most used item, and it is still in great condition.
4moms Bathtub:
2018-02-12 08.04.23 1.jpg
Something that I did not think we needed was this fancy tub. My tub is not as luxurious or safe as this amazing must-have (does it come in my size?) Anakin is almost too big for the sink baths, but it still is a favorite with the immediate temperature readings. As a military wife, there has already been times where I have no choice but to give him a bath solo (as early as three weeks old), so it was an amazing experience to have the relief of a calm, comfortable, and safe baby!
Zipper Pajamas:
After trying every type of pajama you could possibly try, any that zip from the foot to the neck are our favorite! They are easy for quick changes and keep baby warm up top as well. It was frustrating during middle of the night feedings and changes to turn on the lights because you can’t find which snap snaps where! We found ours at Target.
I hope this post was helpful for buying a purposeful gift for a loved one or registering for yourself! Below are a few coupons you can use, but please remember, everything is just a tool to make things easier. Babies need love and cuddles, not just things. You’re going to do great!
$10 off all DocksATots!– see full review here.

He Will Move Mountains (Getting Sleep W/ a Newborn)

On a recent episode of This Is Us, Randall reminded his wife of their newborn days; “Tess self-soothed from two weeks old. Annie was sleeping ten hours a night from infancy. Remember how other parents would talk about their sleepless nights and their terrible babies? Remember how we used to have to fake it? What parents pretend to be tired, Beth?” We could not relate more.

I’ve said from the very beginning, we have the worlds most sleepy and smiley newborn. This isn’t some pretend-to-have-it-all-together statement, Anakin truly is just a sleepy baby. So much, it was a concern to pediatricians the first few weeks. “Never wake a sleeping baby,” could not be less true for a new breastfed sleepy baby, because he would have slept through every night had we not stripped him down and get under the A/C just so he could eat. At his one month check-up we finally got the okay to let him sleep through the night, and it has been GLORIOUS.

If it’s transparency on the need of Jesus to handle the military lifestyle, or being genuinely honest about the poop pain postpartum, there’s nothing I will hold back if it will help another new mom.  We’ve been though so many baby products; some great, some eh, and some awful, but when we find those night saving, joy bringing products, I have to share it!

The Ollie World Swaddle

2017-11-09 01.40.13 1.jpg

These swaddles are made from moisture wicking fabric, and are adjustable from newborn to our extremely chunky strong baby. During the warmer months, the Ollie will ensure that your little one stays secure, dry and free from sweat. During the colder months, the Ollie will serve to keep your little one secure and warm without causing overheating. When Anakin falls asleep on his own, we just place him in his swaddle, set him in his DockATot, and off to dreamland we go.

The Ollie has made both my newborn must-have list, and infant travel must-haves list! Now, if only I can get them in every color for us and all of my pregnant friends…

Get 10% off all products at The Ollie World here!

“Sleep little one, for when you wake up, you will move mountains.”


Our Not-So-Scary Halloween

Hello and happy Halloween day! We started our day with having to wake up Anakin (or else he would sleep the day away) to nurse and get ready for his first Halloween. I thought my favorite part of today would be handing out candy to all the neighborhood kiddos, but we got a highly anticipated package yesterday: our first DockATot!

After nursing, changing, and dressing the babe, I made a second cup of coffee and grabbed the scissors; nothing was standing in my way any longer. The DockATot was easily one of the most recommended items to have during my pregnancy for a newborn. When they offered to collaborate with me, I was so excited to review it for you guy. Here’s the spooky details:

The packaging is stellar.

2017-10-31 01.28.41 1.jpg




I got the main cushion, side cushion, and a Mr. Mighetto cover in one package, along with a boxed marble cover. While I would love to show the details of the unboxing, it is such an aesthetically pleasing experience, I will leave it for you to enjoy yourself!







The quality is worth the buck. 

2017-10-31 01.28.52 1.jpg




In my pregnant mind, I decided a bassinet would be money better spent then this portable tool… my child hates my overpriced bassinet. He will sleep anywhere in the house, except that dang bassinet. So not only is the fabric, stitching, and padding high quality, Anakin already sleeps more in it.






The portable aspect of it fits our lifestyle.

2017-10-31 07.09.06 1.jpg



All of Anakin’s favorite places to hang out are large pieces of furniture, so to have something easy to take from room to room or pack in a suitcase is amazing. Today it went from the floor in his room to the living room. Tonight it will be on my bed while I take a shower, and tomorrow it will be in my office while I get some work done.





It’s washable and easy to refresh.

2017-10-31 01.28.36 1.jpg


We are so grateful to have two covers, because while we have the world’s most smiley and sleepy baby, he is also the king of spitting up and gnarly chili blowouts. The machine washable covers will be a life saver. Plus, the pads and cushions are also available to purchase separately which helps financially as well!

Some fun facts about the DockATot:

  • There’s two sizes: 0-8 months and 9-36 months
  •  Handmade in Europe, designed in Sweden.
  • All natural, 100% cotton

Get $10 off all Docks here!



We spent the  remainder of our day exercising our vocals (sounds like a cat screaming) and walking around base looking for portrait backgrounds of a client this weekend. Now we are cuddled up, watching Hocus Pocus, and waiting for the trick or treaters!

We hope you and your family are having a great Halloween as well, especially any other military families who are in the middle of deployment, or reporting for duty tonight (like our Airman). You’re doing great!

xo Angel


Oh, how glorious it is to not be pregnant anymore! Even though I had a healthy and easy pregnancy, it still was uncomfortable. Trying to ease the discomfort comes with a price tag, and I would love to  point you in the right directions! If you’re a little earlier in your pregnancy, you can check out my previous posts  Maternity Must Haves (1st Trimester) and Maternity Must Haves (2nd Trimester) along with this post to see what I continued using until “the end.” Also, if you haven’t read my birth story and messy start to motherhood, you can check it out here.

To Buy: The Snoogle


I mentioned in my first trimester favorite that I was already sleeping with a pregnancy pillow to start training my body to sleep on it’s side (look up dangers and  concerns of sleep positions!) But I wanted to truly see if my splurge was worth recommending, and it totally is. It was (and has been) my source of peace and joy as I crawled by aching, swollen body into bed! I ordered this shape to keep me from rolling onto my back or stomach, along with a dark grey (super soft) cover to match our room (and maybe hide my drool in the morning from sleeping so dang good.) I am still using this amazing pillow to add support to my knees, and use in the middle of the night for nursing the little one.

The Snoogle Pillow (Amazon) // Dark Grey Cover (Amazon)


To Buy: A Diaper Bag


If you’re registering for one, or simply buying one, do research! You’re going to have to stare at this bag as a reminder that your baby will arrive at any moment, and then it will be your life source as soon as you leave that hospital. I adore this bag from Amazon! Even though I did not see it in person before registering it, I had seen enough in person to know what would fit our need. A backpack style to keep both arms and hands free, black to hide the inevitable dog hair, a million pockets for my OCD, a changing pad included because I’m cheap, and an easily accessed front pocket for my wallet, cell, hand sanitizer and chap stick.

Diaper Backpack By Moskka

To Buy: Oversized Shirts


I mention this later, but instead of purchasing a ton of uncomfortable maternity tops, I invested in comfortable, loose (normal people) tops that would both hide a flabby recovering tummy and make breastfeeding easy. My favorite brand has been Free People! Some of my favorite discounted pieces have come from Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack.

Some favorite styles: Tee, long sleeve, and tank


To Do: Build A Nursery

Building Anakin’s Star Wars room was one of my favorite ways to feel connected to people back home and pray over his arrival. From building the furniture, to washing all of his clothes, it made me even more excited to meet him! My favorite pieces have been from Target, Babies R Us, or thrifted!

You Already Have: A Robe


This robe was so comfortable to wear in the hospital! Even if you don’t need easy access for breastfeeding, your baby should be skin to skin often to regulate their body temperature. Just try to find one long enough to cover up your bum, because you will not want to wear pants for a while (if ever again.)

To Consider: Postpartum

First off, if the thought of childbirth scares you… click away, because postpartum is where the real terror is at. I will make separate posts for breastfeeding and pumping, but here are things to consider getting BEFORE you leave the hospital if you plan on a vaginal birth.

Stool softener – what a buzzfeed article described as “ass-glass” is all I can say to try and explain how excruciating horrible pooping after baby is for weeks. Some advice, DON’T HOLD IT, breathe, relax, pray, and just cry those glass shards out.

Coffee – I am BLESSED to have an extremely sleepy baby, but the stress of “is he breathing?” will wake you up a thousand times before he actually cries for you. Coffee has been a great way to refresh and have “me time” before Anakin wakes up in the morning. Even if I have to microwave it three times, and I haven’t washed my hair in a week… coffee makes me feel like the world’s best mom and hottest wife.

Overnight pads or adult diapers – this is one of the cruel jokes of pregnancy. You expect to go nine months without your period, but in reality, you’re going to be bleeding more than all of your periods combined. Don’t be alarmed if it looks like you shed an organ or two… it’s normal

Swaddles w/ velcro – I didn’t want to include any baby items, since I will do a newborn post… but this is more for mom anyways. I am a lover of all swaddles for different reasons, but the kind that velcro together are amazing to keep hulk babies happy and momma sane during the night. Muslin swaddles are great for pediatrician visits or as a cover for nursing in public.

A journal or planner – breastfed or formula mommas will need to keep track of feeding times and what kind of diapers were happening at what times. There are apps available for this, but if your partner or support is helping, it’s better to have a community place to stay on the same page (literally.)

Dog Bones – If you’re a dog momma, you’re going to want toys around that do not resemble baby toys (such as ropes or kongs). At least get some bones if you are expecting any visitors that may overwhelm your pups. Ours will take their bones and go to their happy place. Happy guests, happy parents, happy pups.

From Previous MUST HAVES:

What I still use from the 1st Trimester: Water bottles, flagrance oil (in place of perfume,) and Target maternity leggings.

What I’ve traded from the 1st Trimester: I’ve traded the ginger tea and mints in for an iced chai tea with almond milk in the morning and heartburn tablets at night. I’ve also traded the room freshener for diffused oils and belly lotion for coconut oil (as vegan alternative).

What I still use from the 2nd Trimester: Juice Beauty CC cream, First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy, oil diffuser, Doterra oils, Passion Planner, thank you cards, maternity jeans, growth images (#growingmcclung,)

What I’ve traded from the 2nd Trimester: Parenthood (Netflix) for Baby Daddy (Netflix) and Jane The Virgin season 3 (Netflix)

Maternity T- Shirts – you’re never going to want to wear these again. Don’t let the pretty happy models or insta-moms fool you, wearing tight shirts are so uncomfortable, especially around the armpit.

 Belly Bands – the idea is amazing, and maybe it was just my body type (AKA: huge) but this was a waste of money for me.


I hope you found any of this helpful! If you end up loving any of these items, let me know in the comments below!


DIY Carseat Cover (Star Wars Themed)


Happy Monday! It has been a fun weekend of organizing and creating our nursery. I had a yard of this stretchy and breathe-able fabric from Joann’s sale last week, and felt it would be perfect for a gender neutral car-seat cover!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Measure fabric and pin to cover the circumference of the car seat.
  2. Sew along pinned area.
  3. Stretch tunnel of fabric around car seat.
  4. Make even and symmetrical knots of extra fabric along the sides of the car seat handle.
  5. Pin knots in place.
  6. Sew folds at knots to secure fabric around the handles.
  7. Trim excess fabric and tuck in.
  8. Add any finishing touches!




I hope this post inspires you to make a cover for your own kids or an expecting friend! We are in Florida, so many store bought covers are unsafe for the high temperatures, but thank God for needles, threads, and cute prints at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts.

I unfortunately can’t find this exact print, but here are other Star Wars options: http://www.joann.com/fabric/character-fabric/star-wars/