He Will Move Mountains (Getting Sleep W/ a Newborn)

On a recent episode of This Is Us, Randall reminded his wife of their newborn days; “Tess self-soothed from two weeks old. Annie was sleeping ten hours a night from infancy. Remember how other parents would talk about their sleepless nights and their terrible babies? Remember how we used to have to fake it? What parents pretend to be tired, Beth?” We could not relate more.

I’ve said from the very beginning, we have the worlds most sleepy and smiley newborn. This isn’t some pretend-to-have-it-all-together statement, Anakin truly is just a sleepy baby. So much, it was a concern to pediatricians the first few weeks. “Never wake a sleeping baby,” could not be less true for a new breastfed sleepy baby, because he would have slept through every night had we not stripped him down and get under the A/C just so he could eat. At his one month check-up we finally got the okay to let him sleep through the night, and it has been GLORIOUS.

If it’s transparency on the need of Jesus to handle the military lifestyle, or being genuinely honest about the poop pain postpartum, there’s nothing I will hold back if it will help another new mom.  We’ve been though so many baby products; some great, some eh, and some awful, but when we find those night saving, joy bringing products, I have to share it!

The Ollie World Swaddle

2017-11-09 01.40.13 1.jpg

These swaddles are made from moisture wicking fabric, and are adjustable from newborn to our extremely chunky strong baby. During the warmer months, the Ollie will ensure that your little one stays secure, dry and free from sweat. During the colder months, the Ollie will serve to keep your little one secure and warm without causing overheating. When Anakin falls asleep on his own, we just place him in his swaddle, set him in his DockATot, and off to dreamland we go.

The Ollie has made both my newborn must-have list, and infant travel must-haves list! Now, if only I can get them in every color for us and all of my pregnant friends…

Get 10% off all products at The Ollie World here!

“Sleep little one, for when you wake up, you will move mountains.”



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