He Will Move Mountains (Getting Sleep W/ a Newborn)

On a recent episode of This Is Us, Randall reminded his wife of their newborn days; "Tess self-soothed from two weeks old. Annie was sleeping ten hours a night from infancy. Remember how other parents would talk about their sleepless nights and their terrible babies? Remember how we used to have to fake it? What … Continue reading He Will Move Mountains (Getting Sleep W/ a Newborn)


Maternity Must Haves (1st Trimester)

I am now a few weeks into the second trimester , glory to God. The first was not too gentle on me... We had an incredible December in California visiting family  in the snow and bay area, so when I started getting ill at the end of December, I figured it was from flying and changing … Continue reading Maternity Must Haves (1st Trimester)