Field Notes: Life in Haiti

It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was typing “Field Notes: Life in Argentina”…

A new year, a new nation: HAITI.

Since returning home from Argentina: I married the love of my life, packed up everything I owned, moved across the country, decorated our home, spent quality time with my husband, rescued our sweet (giant) puppy, photographed my first wedding, started serving at a church in Florida, found my first job in Florida, and so much more… But the call came again. “GO.”

Isn’t it crazy?! I thought all of these things would make me happy. The success, marriage, money, travel… but it’s all meaningless without God. It’s meaningless to be so self-focused for joy, when joy comes from getting over yourself and loving others. Once again, God is bigger than our dreams and finances.

During the thoughts of, “I’m not going to raise the money” or “I know nothing about Haiti”, God brought in the right people at the right time.

Here is a simple breakdown of the day to day life in a foreign nation, attempting to do what Jesus calls us all to do: make disciples.

*please watch any videos in HD!

Day 0: [7.31]
Packed bags
Drove 4 hours to meet team from Texas at air port
Tampa, FL [USA] > Ft. Laud.FL[USA]

Day 1: [8.1]
Ft. Laud. FL [USA] > Port-au-Prince [HAI] > Gonaïves [HAI]
Met The Jesus Loves Me Orphanage leaders and children
Culture Introduction
Assigned rooms

Day 2: [8.2]
Sunday Service at Bigot Church
Local Market
Medical Ministries
Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 3: [8.3]
VBS at Bigot Church neighborhood
VBS at Jesus Loves Me Orphanage neighborhood
Built connections with other orphanages and pastors.
Street ministry
Dress donations to women and girls
Nae Nae….

Day 4: [8.4]
VBS at Pastor Jon’s church
Painted walls for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Built benches for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 5: [8.5]
VBS at local chrurch
Miss Dona rode a motorcycle
Painted walls for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Built benches for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Mural for Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Shirt donations in Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Shirt donations for men and boys in villages
Dress donations for women and girls in villages
Tap Tap (One of the most dangerous Taxis in the world)

Day 6: [8.6]
VBS at local chrurch
Food donations in vilages
Jesus Loves Me Orphanage

Day 7: [8.7]
Saying goodbye to the Jesus Loves Me Orphanage
Gonaïves [HAI] > Port-au-Prince [HAI]

Leave Date: [8.8]


“When people ask how is was, are you going to tell them your story, or what God did?” Let me tell ya, God did amazing things! We led people to the cross, where they decided to give their life to Christ. We were led by the blind into their homes where they showed us what true joy looked like. The most amazing part is He didn’t need us, but He let us co-create with Him, revive the saved, and save the lost. I am forever thankful for our God’s love and grace. Thank you for all of you who supported by prayer, sharing, and financially sowing into the nation of Haiti!

More photos of Haiti:
Facebook Album
Personal Instagram Account

It is my desire to return to Haiti one day! As of right now, there are no trips I am going on, but if you are interested in supporting a missionary other than me, please comment below or email me! I know many lovely missionaries in need of support, prayer, and love right now! Thank you all for all that you do. Until next time…








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