Field Notes: Life in Argentina

To say this year was a year of blessings, is an understatement. Aside from getting engaged, planning a wedding, and quitting my day job to focus on Jesus, I spent the second half of this year with University of the Nations. When I felt called to do a DTS in Kona, Hawaii, my initial thought was “no one will support me.” But, to declare that, is to say that God isn’t bigger than our dreams or finances. The past six months have been an uncontrollable roller-coaster. Yet, day after day, God proves himself faithful. Especially these last few months. During the happy tears and tears of pain: God is good. Here is a simple breakdown of the week to week life in a foreign nation, attempting to do what Jesus calls us all to do: make disciples.

* To exclude the bad, would be to exclude the grace of God, and the reality of being human.

** These were the things I was excluded from because of health reasons.
Week 1: [9.20 – 9.26]
Kona [USA] > LAX [USA] > Dallas [USA] > Buenos Aries [ARG] > Ushuaia [ARG]
Met Ushuaia YWAM base leaders, staff, and students
Culture Introduction
Evangelism at high schools (drug use prevention)
Service: cleaning construction site
Exploring city of Ushuaia
* American Airlines flight returned back to states because of pressurization issues.
Week 2: [9.27 – 10.3]
Government meeting for members in charge of “Religion” to discuss the Holy Bible
Leading Youth Groups at a Baptist church
City wide church collaboration for annual city service.
Street Evangelism with Youth Group
Ushuaia [ARG] > Chile > El Calafate [ARG] > El Chalten [ARG]
10 Hr hike to Fitz Roy in Patagonia
* Asthma triggered with dust and cold.
* Inhaler prescribed
Week 3: [10.4 – 10.10]
City prayer walks
Exploring town of El Chalten
El Chalten [ARG] > Rio Gallegos [ARG] > Mendoza [ARG]
Met Mendoza YWAM base leaders, staff, and students
Team speaks at church
Week 4: [10.11 – 10.17]
Team // leadership development course in mountains [NIKO] **
Cabin time
Service and evangelism for mountain community **
^ 5 salvations in one family
Exploring city of Mendoza
Visit JuCUM office of Mendoza
Service: clean up for JuCUM base quincenera
* 2nd asthma attack
Week 5: [10.18 – 10.24]
Ropes course (high and low circuit)
Soccer Ministry **
Community center prayer walk
Street evangelism
Speaking at schools
Mural painting at schools
Service: preparing and clean up for JuCUM base wedding
Sharing testimonies at churches
^ 6 salvations at the church
Week 6: [10.25 – 10.31]
Fasting || Prayer
Painted mural at a school
Street Evangelism
Recycle project
YWAM base intercession
Bullying prevention at schools
Service: painting ladies nails at community center
CPR class at community center
Aerobics class at community center **
Lead at local youth group
*doctors appointment: prescribed new inhalers and medication
Week 7: [11.1 – 11.7]
Mendoza > Las Vegas
Daily worship time // devotionals
Hiked to idol worship sites **
Street evangelism
Invited to pray with Muslim and Hindu community
Prayer walks
Service: preparing firewood for community
Week 8: [11.8 – 11.14]
House church
Horseback riding through immediate mountain areas **
Stationed at Argentine Army Base: Puente Del Inca
Geology and English teachings at military school
Community clean up project
Aconcagua Cemetery clean up
Hike with Army **
Week 9: [11.15 – 11.22]
Ropes Course
Leading Baptist Youth Group
Soccer Ministry **
Service time: JuCUM Base
Team Debrief and Processing
*Hospitalized in Argentina for dehydration and excessive vomiting
Leave Date: [11.23]
We returned home to Kona for our school-wide debrief. Unfortunately my time where was cut short due to health reasons, but as one of our speakers said, “When people ask how is was, are you going to tell them your story, or what God did?” And let me tell ya, God did amazing things! The most amazing part is He didn’t need us, but He let us co-create with Him, revive the saved, and save the lost. I am forever thankful for our God’s love and grace. Thank you for all of you who supported by prayer, sharing, and financially. In the past six months, I met the most precious friends, and got the once in a lifetime opportunity to serve in the places we did (like living with another Army)! Thank you all, and happy new year!

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