My Miscarriage Story | 10 Weeks, Blighted Ovum, Missed Miscarriage

I would have loved to write about this, but our story is so long and confusing. This video was supposed to be our pregnancy announcement, however I am blessed to raise my voice against Satan's. We hope this is encouraging to other families to celebrate their pregnancies, seek community, and trust their intuition.

Heart for Haiti – Why am I even a missionary?

Heart for Haiti – Why am I even a missionary?

I spend another day rising. Half-felt blessed, half-felt condemned. Half of my mind praises the Lord for the wonderful life He has blessed me with; with faith in Him, the young husband, the palm trees and beaches, the life of travel... The other half of my mind wakes up ashamed; no "normal" 9-5 job (because [...]

How To: DIY Home Decor Cross (Tommy Bahama Inspired)

It started months ago, looking for the perfect cross for our home. Unfortunately we couldn't find one (hobby stores, department stores, christian stores, etc), so why not DIY it!? On our registry, we registered for tommy bahama goodies. I envisioned a kitchen that was bright, fresh, but not a hot mess of mismatched-ness. So, if you [...]