Three Months of Motherhood


I have had a lot of time the past few days to reflect on the first three months of motherhood. If I could sum them up into one word, it would be “purposeful.” My young adult years have been full of championing others to fulfill their kingdom purpose instead of their earthly potential, yet I never knew exactly how much that would impact my view of God and motherhood.

I didn’t consider the sacrifice my body would have to make to give another person life, and it opened my eyes to the purpose of Jesus’ life (and Mary’s role in mothering him).

I didn’t consider that my spending habbits were unhealthy. How could I hold a baby wearing a sequenced PINK top? My belongings have been minimized to comfortable and purposeful.

I didn’t consider the value of fatherhood. The teamwork and communication that has to happen between two people raising a little is a part time job in itsself, but we keep eachother educated and at peace with prayer.



I didn’t consider the hope in tradition. That the making if tamales, lighting of a tree, or setting up the nativity would silence what was beyond our walls.

I didn’t consider the change in work flow. That when a new mom would reach out to me, I’d feel the same giddiness I feel with brides.

My body, habbits, marriage, traditions, and work have served a much greater purpose in the past three months. The heart behind motherhood can’t help but spill into every aspect of life, and I adore it. But even if I lost it all, being “Anakin’s Mom” is all I ever want to be.

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