Feelings about The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

I wanted to give myself a full week to share my feeling about the Last Jedi (who am I kidding, I really just wanted to watch it three times.) While most would say “review,” I’m going to say “feelings” since that’s all that they are. Reviews are for experts, and I am simply a consumer. A big fan, but still just a consumer. And out of respect of anyone who HASN’T seen The Last Jedi yet: LEAVE. BE GONE. Come back when you have, because we are diving into spoilers.

Watching at surface level:

I “feel” like this is a great movie to watch as a stand alone. This could have been an adult or child’s first Star Wars film, and it would still be extremely enjoyable. The colors, posing, choreography, and landscapes are visually stunning. The humor is both subtle and blunt for all ages to laugh at LEAST once (if not throughout the entire film). There’s a clear mission: get the hell away from the first order. At surface level, it’s a movie I’d recommend anyone to see.

Watching as a fan:

I feel like it’s the best Star Wars I’ve seen.
*Hides under a BB-8 blankie before being stoned to death by BBQ’d Porgs*
If that feeling makes you already want to punch me in the face, I’d be happy to refer a therapist to you, because remember: we are just consumers. If you’re thinking “ah, she’s a girl, what does she know about Star Wars,” that is probably also why you hated the film; it is full of bold female characters.
Women + Star Wars
This past year, I decided to keep my son’s name private during my pregnancy. When we introduce him, people high-five my husband… WHAT THE F-, not only did I grow him and push him out of my body, BUT I PICKED HIS NAME. I realized now, it’s because I am a woman. Even other women have said, “her husband is a big fan” while I have to politely say, “WE are big fans.” I share this to show that older people still associate Star Wars to be a man’s favorite, but if you cruise the little girl’s clothing at Target, the Rey merchandise will tell you otherwise. Star Wars is changing in a direction to include many roles for women in leading the first order, the resistance, and the new jedis to come.
Rey + Kylo
Their scenes together are hands down my favorite. I feel like Johnson perfectly executed them communicating via force. Their performances and chemistry were believable, and captured the theater’s attention. You hang on to every word they say, searching for clues for what is to come. Obviously their scene in Snoke’s throne room was my favorite. It was fluid, stunning, and the most romantic action scene I’ve seen in Star Wars.
I personally don’t care about Luke’s character anymore. I think they could have given Mark more action, wisdom, and bravery, and less of a burnt out character. However I understand that they just had too many characters to develop and they didn’t want to continue building a character that’s a part of the past. He found peace, and I’m that was beautiful and all, but bleh.
DISNEY. WHAT THE HECK ARE YA GON’ DO NOW?! The first scene when you expect her to die… I was shook. Dang Disney, you just gon’ blow her out of the sky like that? Okay, you hood now DIsney, because that was brutal… but then she flew back to the ship, and while most cringed, I kind of felt a relief. I still want her character to come face to face with Kylo. Her using the force  would have been cool had it of been on land, but whatever. I spent the entire movie waiting for her to die! I wish they would have just said she doesn’t die, so I could have focused better on other things.
Rey’s parents
I appreciate the direction Star Wars is going in as far as Jedi’s aren’t that special, BUT I REALLY WANTED HER TO BE A SOLO OR SKYWALKER. They didn’t do a great job of giving fans any sort of closure in this character’s background to move on from it… Still secretly hoping in the next film, there will be a huge reveal that Kylo was just emotionally abusing her or that her an Kylo are not related and can be together (kind of like an anti-Anakin storyline: Anakin joins the dark side and loses the girl / Ben leaves the dark side and gets the girl).
And I am like the only person on earth who appreciates the love animals are shown in this film, so I won’t bore you with that.
For The Last Jedi haters:
This star wars trilogy is not ruined. You are not entitled to anything. No matter how many collectibles you have, we are all just consumers, m’kay?
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