Deployments come with their many lows, but one of the wonderful wonderful wonderful HIGHS for me is creating care packages. I am soOoOoOoOo extra in creating these boxes for my husband, so if you would like to browse previous themed posts – visit the blogs main menu, hover over “Military”, and select “Care Packages

Another upside to this deployment, is there are so many themes that we haven’t used during the spring and summer months (GET EXCITED), so with May right around our corner, it is only fitting to take advantage of a Star Wars theme and “May The Fourth Be With You.”

When thinking about what to do with this theme, an art work that I passed by on Instagram kept coming to mind. I reached out to Magnetic Flux Co. to tell them about how much I adored their product, and they blessed us by partnering with me to create this box AND have a giveaway over on my Instagram!

All of the supplies for creating the box came from Michael’s Arts + Crafts and the team at Magnetic Flux Co. Everything else was from Amazon! The box included BBQ sauce, new underwear, star wars stickers, star wars magnets, a star wars book, and a star wars baseball tee. I am so excited about how it came out; if you want to see step by step how it came together, check out my video!

Again, thanks to Magnetic Flux Co. for their incredible art and love for all things Disney. Don’t miss our giveaway for a chance to win a matching set of magnets and a Disney giftcard! Have a blessed weekend and may the fourth be with you.

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