Going from having a job to SAHM

This was not a post ever on my list of “blog ideas” but I just can’t shake the feeling that someone may need it today.
If you’re new here, hiya, welcome, hola, aloha. I’m Angel – a young military wife and new mom, and I like sharing the gospel and where God’s taken my expectations to make something better.
Pre-mom me had two very drastic expectations of motherhood: 1) I will be a working boss. I will make a fortune, provide all the gadgets for my kids, and still find time to cook authentic food OR 2) I will stay at home, grow a farm, have all the animals, homeschool my children, and never lose my patience.
I work (if you can even call it that) from home building my businesses (if I have the time) making very little money.
I look at toys in Target and think “but is it worth it?”
I cook microwaveable vegan dinner meals so I have the time to make organic baby purees – actually I take that back – my husband who works a thousand hours a week in stealtoe combat boots ends up making most meals.
Some days I look at my under exercised dog and wonder why they’re all up in my business – wait did I feed them today?
I have yet to keep a plant alive for more then a month.
And I have decided I will most likely (for sure) move out of the country before ever home schooling, because my patience is thinner then my postpartum hairloss.
The reason I haven’t made a blog post in a few weeks was because I was hosting visitors. I dont know why, but I feel weird excusing myself to make a blog post. Anyways, one of our touristy stops was to a local coffee shop that I used to work at. My husband has asked me almost weekly “are you losing your mind yet? Do you miss the cafe yet?” and I have yet to have said “Yes.” Now having stepped back into a building I used to poor hard work into, I can comfirm it was never as hard or rewarding as what I am doing now.
The last month I was working there, I was puking my entire shifts, always crying on the bathroom floor, and praying that the stress of my husband’s deployment and finishing my two weeks notice wouldn’t make me have a miscarriage.
You might think “wow, drama queen, you literally had an easy job making coffee…” but that job was my form of ministry. People came in tired, overworked, in need of a pickmeup, and I got to pray over them and try to be a light in someone’s day. I still miss that connection sometimes, but then the Lord makes a way elsewhere. For example, Anakin caught the attention of a shopper in Whole Foods. Actually my back pack did, but then she realized it was for the baby, then we just started talking and I left sharing an agency so she and her wife can start their foster care journey.
So anyways, what I’m trying to share is that raising babies isn’t easy. Working from home isn’t as comfortable as people who work from home make it sound – you actually have to sacrifice a lot more sleep! But it is so WORTH it, even if you’re not the sugar momma or daddy that you imagine you’d be. God will meet you where you are, but you still have to go out a seek opportunity to give Him the glory. And if you’re a working parent, AWESOME! I know my husband’s dream is to be a SAHD, and one day he will be. We are so blessed to live off his steady income, and are well aware that most young parents don’t have the luxury of considering working (or not working) from home. God uses all, in His timing, for Him kingdom, and His glory – but we must be willing to chose Him no matter how, where, or what our work is.


Supporting Your Spouse During ALS (Airman Leadership School)

Ahhhh, going back to Anchors & Planes basics today… a new step in the military life. One of my most popular blog series is about Basic Training. After BMT, we headed for Tech, first duty station, multiple deployments, training’s, and most recently ALS (Airman Leadership School.)

My husband tested out of cycle post-recent deployment, and found out he made Staff Sergeant (SSgt / E-5) just a few days after our son was born. It was such a surprise to him, but not to me; he is a natural born servant -hearted leader. So the next steps included several testings, CDC’s and ALS. Your loved one, no matter the branch, may have to take the school at another base. Luckily, we got to stay together this time! His class was on base, so it was only a five minute commune. His time in the class was different then his normal work schedule, so Anakin didn’t get to spend much time with him during the week, but the weekend were our jam (when he wasn’t doing homework.)

Your loved one may mention a few events that are taking place during the class: Class potluck/ BBQ, flag ceremony, and graduation. My husband was very casual in mentioning them, and putting no pressure on me to go to them, but was clear in saying “you’re invited” and “kids welcomed” or “I think kids can’t go.” The BBQ was super casual, and I brought Anakin hoping to meet other new moms… but there were only small handful of spouses. Which was great because everyone wanted to meet our baby, but a little intimidating when the ALS teachers decided to sit with us *tries to act civilized.*

When Anakin and I came back a couple weeks later for the flag ceremony, I was shocked to see only one other spouse there. The ALS teacher and base commander came over to chat and play with Anakin. One looked at Anakin saying, “You won’t remember today, but your daddy will never forget you being here for him.” Y’all, I wanted to cry. No matter how busy I am, how tired I am, how piss-y Anakin is – we will always do whatever it takes to be there for Davis. Sometimes showing support is just showing up.

So unlike my previous posts about supporting your loved one in the military, I am going to ask my husband, Davis, about how he felt the past month…

How did you feel supported by me?
Davis: I felt supported by you watching Anakin all day. Even when I came home, you watched him everyday, all day.

How did you not feel supported?
Davis: I didn’t feel not supported.

Looking back, what would make you not feel supported? Like if I did these things, it would make your time in ALS harder?
Davis: Hmm, complain about schedule. Complain about how much homework I had to do in the beginning. If you didn’t going to graduation without a good reason.

What would be “a good reason” to miss graduation?
Davis: Not having a baby sitter that you trusted, working – stuff like that.

If you could give anyone advice going into ALS, what would it be?
Davis: Take good notes and manage your time wisely.

I hope you enjoyed this post! ALS is short time that plays a big part in our loved one’s military career. Here is a vlog from the day of the flag ceremony and graduation; overall it just shows you it doesn’t matter how your day is going or how you’re dressed – sometimes you gotta just show up!

Davis, I am so thankful for you. For your hard work, for your fatherly heart, for your servant-hearted leadership. I love our beautiful life together, our family – and giving all the glory to God!

SPRING-ing Into Financial Confidence

We are not millionaires.

We are not even hundred thousand-aires.

But we are debt-free, saving growing, single-steady income-aires… with an infant.

This is culturally the year we are supposed to be overwhelmed financially; it is the year of having our first child. Yet, we are working less and saving more… What sets us apart from the newlywed couple we USED to be? Self discipline, greater goals, and smarter work. Open communication and judgement-free conversations that lead to feeling good about our choices and not hiding receipts. Here are my tips on how you can save more for your family for FREE.

We all want a savings but think, “I’ll save next paycheck.” The time to save is NOW. Let this spring – no TODAY- will be the start of your joyful finances! Grab a warm mug, and lets get uncomfortable.


Businesses know when payday is around the corner. You’ll notice more going on, and e-mails flooding in for “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS…”  and boom, you’re suckered into buying toxic candles to last you the rest of the year. Start your spring cleaning by unsubscribing from everything. Including notifications from Amazon Prime! Money for out of season candles or money for vacation? That’s a lot of margaritas on the beach in Mexico that you’re missing out on, just because “well, it was on sale.”


Look at everything with DIY googles. Making your own coffee at home cost less money and time then going to a Starbucks. Doing your own nails cost less money and time then going to the nail salon. Doing your own wall art cost less then the Pottery Barn must-haves. Upcycling furniture cost less money and takes less time then going out for new items. This is a great way to learn new skills! This year I learned to cut my husband’s hair, tone my own hair, and sew baby items for Anakin. The little things add up, which is how we were able to afford a recent trip to Texas for a friend’s wedding!


If you have friends that are only available to meet for brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner, drinks, movies, etc – invite them over. Make a pot of coffee, have a BBQ and jump on Vudu. This can save on food, drinks, entertainment tickets, parking fees, toll fees, baby sitters, and unfortunately more. I am the biggest fan of brunch occasionally, but a bigger fan of authentic and real friendships. Friends want you to succeed, and will be understanding to a change of scenery!

Never Pay Full Price

Shopping consignment and thrift stores saved us big time with baby items and furniture. If you are in a store and want something, try seeing if there is a coupon online. My favorite brand Free People can be found in Marshall’s for nearly 40% – 60% cheaper! Today, I got $80 worth of Too Faced make-up for under $35 at Macy’s (two full sized products, and three freebies!) Shop smart and save. I try to make sure that if I am coupon-less, I am at least supporting locals. Buying bulk and using the calculator app on your phone is also a great tip for groceries! Keep your eyes out on unit pricing and adding up your items so check out isn’t uncomfortable if you’re out of budget.

Overall, we have to have strict black and white goals. What are our wants? What are our needs? And what are we spending our money on that is neither a want or a need? For us, it was easy to cut out cable TV, the bulls-eye section at Target, and presliced fruit. It turns out I also don’t need to have a high maintenance hair color and my husband doesn’t need more video games… that is until Anakin can be his Player #2.

And like always, you get what you pay for. I may have a cheaper hair appointment, but I still get it trimmed by someone I trust. Forever 21 may have the cheaper price tags, but I want to invest in pieces that don’t shred in the dryer and can handle baby fluids. We want to make sure our bodies are well fed with healthy food, and that we have a mindset of investing in our future. There is no authentic, genuine, and joyful future in impressing anyone with things we can’t truly afford.

I hope these tips are both encouraging and helpful towards being mindful and confident in your spending this year! If you have any other changes others can make for free, feel free to leave them in the comments!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

Instagram Q+A


For the past few weeks, my DM’s and e-mail have been filled with questions! So here are my answers to the most asked questions this month!


Is there a way to be notified when my package is delivered to someone deployed?
The package will only be able to be tracked until the APO delivery, not to when it is delivered to the deployed member. This is for their safety! Your S.O. will be happy to let you know when their package is safely in their arms.
Why do you label packages with “top”, “personal”, and/ or “public”?
Top lets my husband know, “this is the side you open”
Personal means “What’s in this box is for you.”
Public means “What’s in this box is for everyone, NOT YOU!”
Do you have any tips for sending baked goods in a care package?
I have only sent cookies! I let them cool before placing them in a zip locked bag (with zipper, not a folder over), and then place the zip locked bag into a lidded container. Here are examples in my Christmas Care Package Blog Post.
Is your husband home for good now? //   Is your husband always gone?
For as long as he is a part of the military, there is no “for good.” He isn’t always gone, just like 20% of the past few years (which is nothing compared to what I anticipated via movies and Army Wives).
Can you go through a security gate for an airport homecoming?
At our airport, no. But I honestly haven’t tried. If I can wait months, I can wait an extra five minutes to not feel like a burden on the airport staff.
My significant other is interested in the military, what type of job should they apply for to not be traveling often?
I think if they are joining to serve their country, any job that they would be passionate about is amazing. If they’re looking for benefits without deploying, I’d suggest praying about another career to fit your family’s needs.


How did you start building your photography portfolio?
I think I accidentally started to build it as soon as I got my first camera when I was a pre-teen. I became emotionally attached to all of the photos I took and started to confidently direct and pose others in high school. When I first stared making money from photography, I would share highlights of EVERY SINGLE SESSION because I was so honored and excited. Although I am still honored to be hired, I don’t share every session now, because it may not attract the clients that match my professional style.
How did you get into the business side of photography?
I went to school for business marketing and management, which is what I’ve done the past few years for local businesses. My own art had always been a side job (like super side job… like lowest priority job) until I got pregnant. It has been an incredible tool to express myself and also tell the stories of others while traveling to new countries or life changes with clients. But I don’t want to die with the label “photographer.”
How long have you been doing photography?
My first digital camera was gifted to me as a pre-teen. First photography class was in high school. First film class was in college. But time is the slimmest factor! Look at what someone is capable of producing, and let the resume be what it is: just a piece of paper.



I’m trying this whole vegan thing. What are your favorite products or places to shop? //  What are your food staples?
For boxed, canned, or frozen food, I shop at our base commissary. The commissary does have a lot of vegan alternative, but most aren’t “healthy.” For produce, I shop at farmers markets or locally owned produce stands. Lastly, for specialty vegan items, I shop at Sprouts Market or Whole Foods. Some of our home staples are black beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, Spanish rice, tri-colored quinoa, white rice, vegetable broth, red potatoes, California avocados, hummus, and a lot of spinach.
What do you order from taco restaurants now?
Most have vegetarian options that I order (modifications: no cheese or sour cream, extra veggies)! My favorite spot serves buffalo roasted cauliflower tacos with avocado fries.
Do you take supplements?
B12, iron, and prenatal vitamins.

Pregnancy / Personal:

What vegan concealer do you use?
Anastasia Beverly Hills
What did you do to clear up your pregnancy acne? Any recommended make-up products?
I use a Simple face cleanser, vegan Posh exfoliating face scrub, and a vegan Posh face mask (all for my specific skin type: dry). My current favorite face make-up product is Juice Beauty CC Cream (as mentioned in my 2nd Trimester Favorites blog post).
How did you decide what to keep when minimizing your closet?
Throw away: anything stained or poorly made and over-worn.
Keep: anything nursing friendly, that will both fit nicely right after giving birth and as my body changes post delivery.
Donate/ Sell: anything that barely fit before pregnancy, anything that doesn’t bring me joy or happy memories.
Note: I did not throw away any real leather or animal derived products. That just seems even more disrespectful to the life that was taken for the sake of “fashion” and, by donating, now someone else doesn’t add to the supply/ demand of more animals killed.
What are all your tattoos?
Ring Finger: wedding date in roman numerals (marriage).
Wrist: “McClung” – husband’s last name (marriage).
Forearm: cross with banner saying “God Is Love” with Kingdom Hearts logo and roses surrounding (Christian / Disney). On the opposite side of my arm is a compass with a fighter jet pointing towards north and an anchor pointing south (career path with USAF and ABF / current blog name)
Elbow: Hair cutting shears with banner saying “Mother Knows Best” (Disney / family)
Upper Arm: Mickey with brother’s initials, Minnie with sister’s initials (Disney / family)
Thigh: Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts with text saying “One Sky, One Destiny” (Disney / R.I.P. Tribute)
How has your vegan pregnancy been going?
Extremely healthy! I am joyful to be able to remain as ethical as possible and bring this little bean safely into the world.
Where did you decide to register for baby items and why?
Target and Amazon for the convince of gift buyer’s and free shipping. Babies R Us for the reward points system! All three were used by friends and family, with no unaccounted for items.
What is your baby boy’s name?
We aren’t sharing his name online until we are ready to share his birth announcement.
When is your due date?
September 13th!

Most asked question:


What filter do you use on your photos? // How do you edit your photos? // What is your favorite photo app?
For my photography page: Lightroom and Photoshop.
For the blog page: PicMonkey social media templates.
For personal: VSCO app with A6 or HB2 filters modified (- filter, +exposure, +grain, -temperature). In the past, I used Facetune’s whitening and details tool for crisp backgrounds, but I don’t put much, if any, effort into my personal Instagram now!

Deployment Homecoming DIY’s (Round 2)

Again, if you are stumbling upon this blog post, it is most likely because someone you love is coming home.

  1. an instance of returning home.
    2. a chance to make a beer bucket, or cute sign, shave your legs, and buy sexy lingerie




The Beer Bucket.

16 bottled beer,

drink bucket (dollar spot at Target)

American flag


(DIY banner for photographic effects)


Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sign 1

desired board

letter stickers

tape for boarder


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Home Decor

Dollar spot at target, yay independence day near homecoming!




Patriotic bandannas

DIY sign



It’s not about the amount of time they have been gone,

the things that went wrong while they were gone,

or the right things they happened to miss.


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Deployment Homecoming DIY’s

If you are stumbling upon this blog post, it is most likely because someone you love is coming home.

  1. an instance of returning home.
    2. a chance to make a beer cake, or cute sign, shave your legs, and buy sexy lingerie


The Beer Cake.

36 bottled beer,

two platforms (mine was a salad bowl and Tupperware)

American flag duct-tape

topped with an American flag

(Pom poms for photographic effects)


Sign #1

Navy Blue pre-cut foam board

White Glitter

White marker (I used chalk board markers)


Sign #2

Table runner paper

*wrap around center of the door and tape*

White markers


Sign #3

Reverse side of table runner paper


Sense of humor


It’s not about the amount of time they have been gone,
the things that went wrong while they were gone,
or the right things they happened to miss.
What matters is they’re finally home.


Things You Should NEVER Say To A Military Wife… And Things That You Should.

Things You Should NEVER Say To A Military Wife…

“I could never do it.” Really? You could never do it? I’m sure if the one you loved was in uniform, you’d find a way to “do it.” Military spouses don’t have a special powers, we just are ordinary people who love extraordinarily awesome servicemen.

“Deployment will go by so fast.” The only person I trust saying this, is the one who’s husband just came back. Anyone else… no.

“At least he’s not deployed for (name longer time).” Please belittle my situation. I beg of you, it’s my favorite to know you think what I am going through is chump change. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6 months or a year, missing your spouse is awful no matter how long or “little” the deployment.

“You chose this life.” I didn’t choose this life. I chose to love and support my husband, and this life just happened to be apart of it. People choose what coffee to order, what to paint the wall, what goes on a playlist. They don’t choose Christmas alone watching Dear John, while drinking a bottle of Chardonnay and eating a large margarita pizza.

“Does your husband, like, shoot people?” He doesn’t, and if he did, I would still say he doesn’t. But you know what? Someone does. And they fight for your freedom to ask me that stupid question.

“Where is he exactly? Where is that? When does he leave? When does he get back?” I know that most people who ask these have great intentions, but seriously… if you’re supposed to know, you’d know. And if you do know, you should know that you’re not supposed to post it. Lose lips sink ships, y’all.

“I know just how you feel, my boyfriend has business trips all the time.” Cool story bro, tell it again.

“You guys should wait to have kids. You know, until your husband is out of the military.” I suppose we shouldn’t ever invest into anything, ever because of the military? No, life goes on. Even if your family is across the country or you’re stationed overseas, life is to lived! So go buy your first nice car, finish school, start your career, and/or start a family because life is beautiful.

… And Things That You Should.

“Please thank your husband for his service, and thank you for supporting him.” *hold back tears and feel proud* My pleasure M’am.

“Here’s a bottle of wine.” *hold back tears and feel proud* My pleasure M’am.