Basic Training: Graduation Weekend! [Arrival/Thursday]

Basic Training:

Graduation Weekend

Congratulations to your Airman on their way to graduation weekend! For this weekend, I get to say congratulations to my Airman! After a long 8 1/2 weeks, you are now an Airman for the greatest Air Force in the world!

For you supporters traveling to Lackland AFB (TX) for the Graduation events, I pray for your safe travels! It is definitely an  overwhelming, once-in-a-lifetime experience. My fiance’s parents, brother, and I flew from California to Houston, TX , then drove to San Antonio, TX on Wednesday (the day before the coin ceremony). We checked in, got familiar with the area, enjoyed our first Texas drinks and dinner, then relaxed in our hotel room.

PicMonkey scsZ

Thursday (Airman’s Run, Coin Ceremony) was so amazing! After not seeing my fiance for over eight weeks, this was an incredibly emotional morning. I highly recommend attending the orientation for family/ spouses. There is many guidelines for what you can and can not do both on and off base! After everyone lined up with their banners and watched our Airmen run with their flights. We didn’t see him right away because he was on the opposite side, but luckily while snapping pictures, we spotted him! This picture was the first time I seen him since MEPS, so I instantly cried haha. If your Airman is on the opposite side, don’t relocate! They will run by again in the opposite direction. Seeing him this close was really awesome! His entire flight was beaming with pride as they were titled “Warrior Flight.”

After the run, we snagged seats closest to where his flight was (top of bleachers is best! Shade and back rest!) The entire ceremony was incredible. You will watch your Airman receive their coin which means they are no longer trainees, HOOYAH! After the ceremony you get to “tap out” your Airman by tapping their shoulder or by hugging them (I may or may not have blacked out and went straight for the kiss).



The rest of the day, he was on base liberty (meaning he is required to stay on base at all times). We went bowling, to the mall, and ate tons of food! We also got to hang out with his Wingman all day as well, which was twice the fun! We visited all the planes and brought them back to their dorms at 8PM.

PicMonkey Collagea

I wish you and your new Airman the best of luck! I will try to cover Friday and Saturday’s events tomorrow night! Much love 


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