Graduation Weekend! [Friday/Saturday/Sunday

It is now Sunday night, and I must admit… I’m exhausted. Today we said our good-byes again to our Airman, as he moves on from Basic Training and moved to a new base! But lets back it up a bit…

Friday was the Graduation ceremony at the parade fields, and holy cow, it was beautiful. Flags, retired planes, Airmen galore, MTI’s and families gather to watch these flights gradate from Basic Training and move on in their careers! We started the day off by grabbing Starbucks at the “mini Bx” then getting parking right next to the parade field. It was raining… the entire ceremony. Fortunately it was not cancelled and moved to the dorm! The Airmen toughed it out, and families were able to pop out the umbrellas.

PicMonkey sxassax

After the ceremony, we got to take a room tour of our Airman’s dorm! We met the MTI’s and visited their “Day Room” and our Airman’s wall locker. Next, we took our Airman off base for the first time to grab food at the Riverwalk. Then to the hotel to relax, watch tv, listen  to music, and catch up!

On Saturday, we adopted two more Airmen, and visited SeaWorld San Antonio! Because it was raining again, I bought a pancho haha. We all enjoyed the park’s games, rides, and exhibits. After, we returned to the hotel for time to relax. Today’s choice of TV: Southpark.

PicMonkey cdscdc

Because our Airman was in Warrior Flight, they got one more town pass! Sunday, our two adopted Airmen, and our own, went out for a big breakfast at IHOP. After we returned to the hotel and jumped in the Jacuzzi (*MTI approved*). At 1PM, we went to the Chapel for church service… this was probably my favorite part of the entire weekend. The church was packed with hundreds of Trainees and Airmen worshiping. They worshiped their hearts out, and it was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Before the service, I was having a hard time accepting that this was the last day… but a peace came over my heart with the goodbyes that were about to come. No matter what we face in life, the Lord will always prevail, and this was utterly and completely apart of His plan. We were without a doubt supposed to be in that place, at that time… together.

After the service, we returned to the Riverwalk with the three Airmen for lunch, and then back to the base to send them off at 6PM 😦 This entire experience has been so amazing! Every letter, every call, every “only [x] days left,” was totally worth it four these amazing four days. I hope you and your Airman get to adventure and spend time together. I wish them the best of luck in their new adventures! For me? My counter is being reset for 7 months until I see my Airman again. Some will say it’s difficult, but I think loving my Airman is the easiest thing in the world ❤


One thought on “Graduation Weekend! [Friday/Saturday/Sunday

  1. Thank you so much for writing this series of blogs. My boyfriend is currently finishing up Week 2 at basic, and this gave me so much information. Thank you for giving me so much to look forward to!

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