If you are just joining, and are interested on Weeks 0-3 please click here to read my post on those weeks. If you are here to read about my experience with weeks 4-8, aloha!

We are on day 58 of basic training! 8 weeks, 1344 hours, 80,640 minutes, 4,838,400 seconds of being apart, but who’s counting? In just a few days we will be on our way Texas for graduation weekend! We are so excited to see Davis, and proud of his accomplishments! But enough about what is to come, lets go over the past few weeks.

First thing I recommend doing, if you haven’t done so already: join WingMoms. You don’t have to be a mom, you can be a sibling, spouse, supporter, whatever! I stumbled across WingMoms on Facebook, and was so impressed by their incredible support. They have lists of all of the FLTs, so you can join groups of other supporters cheering on an Airman in the same flight as yours! In my group, everyone shared as much information as possible. The best part, is that the group leaders have already experienced being a mom during basic training, so they have amazing advice. I found this group helped most with phone calls! I knew when to expect a call, which helped a ton at work. I was blessed enough to have a boss very supportive of my relationship and let me take a break when these calls came in. But back to WingMoms! Their site is filled with week by week information, and graduation information (their maps and schedules are on point). Their Facebook page even lets you chat with active members and MTI’s! I forgot to mention, the admin leaders wished me good night and good morning every single day through out basic training. I used to hear it from my Airman, and when it suddenly stopped… it was not fun. But these ladies and men have been such a blessing! Click here to be linked to their site.

During week 4-8, write write write. My AB looked forward to letters and pictures throughout these weeks. The days are long! Although they are getting the hang of BMT, everyday they face more challenges  and more studying. Especially with BEAST weeks during WOT6! My AB was not allowed to mail out letters or call, but he did receive them. Write encouraging words! After a while, I was bored of telling him about my own life, and how much I missed him, so I started to include some “Pin-spiration” with quotes and artistic ideas! I sent him pictures of all of my recent art projects and events I was attending or hosted. His favorites were pictures of the kids in our families or the letters/ drawings they sent him! During WOT7 they are under high stress with evaluations almost every day. They won’t have time to write often, but when they call, encourage them and let them know thy have your support. Many are trying to make honors so they can have one more day off base with their families. For some, they need encouraging to try their absolute hardest, and they will excel far beyond the bare minimum! Some may even shoot for WARHAWK, so cheer them on, and pray for them!

I must admit, these weeks were a lot easier for me emotionally and mentally. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel. The days are long, but the weeks go by fast! Even the days with no letters or calls, I was still so proud of him, and excited to see him. I have had a countdown on my phone, which helps to watch that ugly little number get prettier and prettier! I’ve had amazing support between my sister, his family, and WingMoms! Sometimes the friends closest to you can’t always relate. I had to invest into different friendships while keeping old ones, which was a really good thing. It’s painful to think of someone not caring, but they just don’t understand. Don’t burn bridges with your loneliness (or ego), instead just accept the change! The last thing we all need is an ounce of negativity, so let your light shine and embrace what is to come… graduation!

I hope this posts helps some of you who are about to be a supporter, or are currently! I look forward to making one last post on BMT on GRADUATION WEEKEND! If you have any questions or additional advice on Weeks 4-8, leave a comment below, and I will do my best to share my experience with you.



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