Why “Homesickness” is the biggest thief of joy

As someone in both missions and military, I’ve struggled with “homesickness” for up to years at a time (even though, until recently, I never really had a home.)

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of a house like my friends. The type of house where parents marked their child’s grown each year on a door post.
As a teen, I bounced back and forth between houses, always longing to not pack every few days. Not wanting to explain to coaches ” I left that part of my uniform at so-and-so’s house.”
As a fiance, I was longing for my future husband to return from military training.
As a missionary, I was longing to be stateside. I hated communicating with anyone, because I only absorbed information about what I was missing out on.
Now a military wife, I miss causal friendships and family members. People who loved me when I was wearing gym clothes without ever going to the gym.
What I (and many of people I know) am doing while feeling “homesick,” is sulk, cry, and feed the poison. A sickness that isn’t even REAL. Just like it’s creator, it’s a liar, a fraud, a fake. Just like the enemy, it comes to rob joy in your life and blind you from what’s in front of you.
When I was a little girl, I met SO many people. I have so many friends of all different backgrounds that I spent more time being jealous of than building up.
When I was a teen, I had multiple closets. I WOULD KILL FOR ANOTHER CLOSET NOW!
When I was engaged, I sat in my room and cried while watching Dear John instead of maintaining meaningful friendships.
When I was on the missions field, I spent more time in cafes updating people who didn’t care, instead of exploring the country a little more.
Now as a military wife, I’ve been in my home state for two weeks, and none of my friends or family has invited me to do anything… except for my pastor and his wife.
Life is happening, and I maybe counting down the days until I return to my husband… but I refuse to be held down by an unseen spirit of “homesickness” because my home is where the Lord calls me, which is not entertaining the enemy.
So don’t limit your growth to a wall, write more.
Don’t complain about packing, because one day you’ll be too old to zip your backpack.
Don’t count the days until you see someone, discover new ways to love them.
Don’t waste time updating those that don’t want to be updated, and go on more adventures worth telling.
Don’t wait for the invite, instead, invite new people.

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