Toddler (1YR) Must Haves!

This post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting our military family by shopping our recommendations!

How in the world are we half way to two?! Our baby is growing and playing and TALKING; today’s word was “eyeball” followed by sudden jabs to my pupil with his pointer finger. There is still so much sweet baby goodness in our little one, with slight glimpses of toddler independence. Here are some FAVORITE products that I get asked about non-stop on Instagram that have made staying at home most days so wonderful!

The Toddler Tower –

Does anyone else’s baby just stand at their feet and cry why you’re trying to make meals, wash dishes, or just be a functioning member of any household? Oh, is it just mine? Okay, you keep telling yourself that! Anakin would get so angry until I started picking him up to see what I was doing… This is so not fun when you’re on a fitness journey and start working out for the first time in your life. I knew what he wanted was to be involved, so after browsing through all Amazon’s reviews, we landed on our toddler tower! He “cooks” with us – using wooden spoons and Velcro vegetables to cut. He washes dishes with us – using said wooden spoon to splash the running water. He also mostly dances to screamo-punk music and the Greatest Showman soundtrack with his dad. Best purchase since his first birthday – hands down!

A Toddler Table –

We scored this table on Facebook Marketplace. With deployments coming up, guests who also have small kids, and a tv in sight – we figured this would be best for learning how to color, do crafts, and watch tv while eating breakfast or snacks.

A Vegan Diaper Bag – frankie cameron

I’ve already done and entire dedicated post and video on what is in our diaper bag, but here’s this beauty one more time (along with everything in it!)

Water Table –

A MUST in the Florida heat for those days you can’t be bothered to drive to a splash pad or beach. Some days momma just wants to drink coffee and enjoy what we have a mortgage payment for; there’s no shame in that!

Other educational toys, music, items we are enjoying playing with:

Mega Bloks Building Basics Shape Sorting Wagon Building Set, Classic

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Melissa & Doug Basic Skills Board, Developmental Toy

Blippi Tunes, Vol. 1

Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest

Crocs Kids’ Classic

We hope you got some ideas for items to buy your little one and we would LOVE to hear what YOUR toddler must haves are!

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