Night Time Routine (Getting Sleep W/ Infant)

This post is in collaboration with DockATot.

It has been EIGHT months since Anakin was born… WHAT?! This child is large and in charge (of our house.) Things are baby-proofed on the daily, messes made in the kitchen as he learns about food, and all plans revolve around our beloved bedtime routine. Since about two months, we average 10 hours of sleep a night. Half thanks to Anakin loving both sleep and playing HARD – half a lot of work, patience, and repetition on our part. Every growth spurt/ leap/ change he has slightly effects a random night here and there, but this has been our routine to wind down our little jedi.

4:30 Nurse

5:00 Dinner solids (snacks and steamed vegetables)

5:30 Clean up house, play, and books.

6:00 Bathtime

6:15 Lotion, brush hair, and pajamas.

6:30 8 Oz. bottle

6:45 Books and night time Disney JR. nurseries.

7:00 / 7:15 Laid down in his Dock A Tot for bed.

Wakes between  5 AM and 7 AM

He recently just transitioned to his Grand sized DockATot, and it is a dream! The Deluxe+ sized dock is best for babies 0-8 months old or 5-22Ibs, so we got our new size at just the perfect time! The new, larger Grand size is for 9 – 36 months and 22-40lbs. The Grand is perfect for cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between. It’s ideal for our upcoming week long travel dates (pray for us)! We highly recommend the Docks for bed transitioning, thanks to built-in, air permeable sides that act as bed rails, allowing young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. We rest easy and guilt free knowing Anakin feels a snug sense of security in his newer, bigger dock.

This time we also got a travel bag for our trip next month, which is durable (100% polyester), water-resistant (not waterproof), easy to clean, and comes in a drawstring dust bag. We went to Texas a few months ago, and he transitioned smoothly in his dock, so praying we have that luck with a bigger time difference soon!

The three of us are so thankful for DockATot for collaborating with us again, and being so generous in offering our community $10 off all Docks! Which Docks do you have in your cart?


Travel Bag we picked for our trip (Grand Size) | Marble Grand DockATot


Nursing Friendly Outfits For Traveling With Baby

These will probably be my forever favorite travel outfits to share, because it was Anakin’s first two flight! Planning the trip was nerve wracking in it’s self, but the Lord provided the finances and flights all in perfect timing (as He always does.) While I have a million experiences I want to share about our first trip,  I am so thankful for PinkBlush for collaborating on this post to show y’all practical and cozy outfits for traveling with nursing kiddos!


2017-12-01 05.54.51 1.jpg

  • Zip-up thermal hoodie – great for warmth and easy access
  • Nursing tank – great for discreetly nursing
  • Muslin swaddle – great for baby’s comfort and breathable
  • Basic black leggings – cool for when baby is sleeping on you during the flight
  • Converse – Lightweight for walking and flight


2017-12-05 07.11.27 1.jpg

  • Off-the-shoulder dress- great for nursing and soft fabric to cuddle and comfort baby.
  • Flats – comfortable for carrying the weight of baby and dancing

Dress available at PinkBlush in plus-size!


2017-12-04 12.42.47 1.jpg

  • Lightweight knit sweater and nursing tank – great for the pulling down / lifting up method to discreetly nurse.
  • Light pajama joggers – warmth for the early morning and chilly plane, yet breathable for baby’s body.
  • Converse (again)
  • Diaper bag

Similar knit sweaters are here at PinkBlush.