Kinder Beauty Unboxing (April)

I am truly only a skeptic when it comes to finances. Since diving into the vegan and cruelty-free world, I have tried my hardest to buy things we need. We have never needed a subscription box. No, really. There have been some that I wanted to support, but there’s always something in the box containing animal product or tested on animals… So I backed off from all of them. Turns out vegan and cruelty free boxes that are ethically made and curated with kindness DO EXIST. Thanks to stumbling upon their Instagram page, and being entirely fascinated with their mission and founders (two stunning actresses that also live healthy vegan lifestyles,) we are here. Thanks to Kinder Beauty for partnering with me on this post and making me a believer in the subscription box game!

So back to the skeptic side of hesitation, you want to guarantee your money’s worth. This April box costs $24 and the contents are worth over $100! Including my new favorite, a $75 Vitamin C serum from Flower Mill Beauty. You can watch my first unboxing below, and order your own before May 1st at

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have you tried a subscription box before? If so, which is your favorite?!

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