Vegan Toddler Easter Basket

What a time to be alive! If talk about ingredients and veganism makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to skip out on this post; I am just ECSTATIC at all of the vegan products easily available for major holidays like EASTER! It’s the little things…

I went vegetarian ten years ago and vegan (almost) two years ago during my pregnancy. I remember being a teen a learning about “gelatin” being in Peeps (a popular U.S. bunny sugar marshmallow.) Gelatin is made by boiling water with the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals. BONES. I haven’t had a Peep since then! I am totally not a raw food, no sugar, only organic mom. Ya girl loves her junk food, snacks, and seasonal goodies. I used to love waking up to an easter basket or Christmas stalking with sweets, and am excited to give that same experience down to my children – without the boiled animals.

This is in no way an environmentally friendly, zero waste, saint-like, level 5000 perfect vegan basket. This is for the mom who just needs a trip to Target (not sponsored, wish it was). EVERY single thing, including the basket was from Target, but I’ll skip the toys and plastic bin – lets see the sweets.


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