Our $30 DIY Growth Chart

Amazon Shopping List:

We only had to purchase the decal for $13.79 from Amazon, pine board (1 in x 6 in x 6 ft) for $13.92 at Home Depot, and our D-Ring hangers from Lowes for $1.98. We already had the chalk paint, clear coat, brushes, drill, hammer, etc… So for $29.69 we were able to DIY our very own growth chart for our growing family!

So it’s pretty self explanatory, but if you’re a visual learner and need to see or read how to do something, THIS IS FOR YOU!

  1. two coats of white chalk paint on a clean wooden board. let dry.
  2. measure foot by foot, marking with a pencil. apply decal accordingly.
  3. two coats of a clear coat. let dry.
  4. screw in wall mounts of choice (found in hardware of any home improvement store.)
  5. hang accordingly!


I’m a lazy bum, with a toddler running around my feet. You’ll notice I first didn’t apply the decals properly, drill in the mounts evenly, and I even measured where it should be hung wrong. Still, I am so proud we will have the piece of DIY glory in our homes for the rest of our lives! Our son is growing like a weed, so so so thankful!


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