Shopping Haul + How To Run Errands w/ A Newborn


I wish I could say, “I’m never too proud of myself.” But you guys, I am not the one to learn “how to be humble” from. One of the things I am most proud of was managing a couple weeks solo with a newborn under a month old. Ya girl was all by her lonely self. No family – thanks military. No husband – thanks military. No friends that were around to help (I’ll let that one slide, BUT THANKS MILITARY.) In fact, I spent a lot of time solo. My husband returned to work to help with hurricane damage on base when Anakin was just three days old and also left for training when he was two weeks old. I’m not even going to play it cool, ya girl was frightened.

Having to bath a rubbery, limp noodle of a baby solo – not fun. It happened, and it ended up being fine, but FRIGHTENED.

Having to go to check ups solo? What is the doctor said he was dying – FRIGHTENED.

Having to do any sort of shopping? NO PROBLEM.



You know, it’s funny. For someone who LOVES being at home, I sure do LOVE shopping. We’ve cut back on unnecessary, but shopping for the sake of survival is actually exciting to me. If my husband doesn’t ask “where can I go sit down?” then it wasn’t a good trip, DO YOU FEEL MY LOVE FOR SHOPPING YET? I’m the annoying person in front of your pasta reading every ingredient of every brand. I’m the one that has coupons AND cartwheel. I’m the one looks like I’m doing “the father, son and holy spirit” hand signs before squatting to see the bottom shelf of the clearance section. I know someone out there feels me on a spiritual level…

Anyways, I got asked often by new moms, “how are you doing it?” How are you managing a stroller, car seat, AND cart or basket? Well, easy… I didn’t. I am the mom that knew life went on when there wasn’t a husband in town to help. My son needed a healthy mom to make milk, and in order to do that, I gotta eat! I am so thankful for brands like Binxy Baby that keep solo parenting in mind.


This shopping hammock took the dread away from running the simple, everyday errands. It has grown with us from newborn to seven months old! Although we’re about to retire it since Anakin can sit up by himself, it is a nifty tool that would make a genius gift for any upcoming baby showers.

Thankful for Binxy for giving my followers   10% off all products! What are you parenting hacks for shopping?



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