Nursing Friendly Outfits For Traveling With Baby

These will probably be my forever favorite travel outfits to share, because it was Anakin’s first two flight! Planning the trip was nerve wracking in it’s self, but the Lord provided the finances and flights all in perfect timing (as He always does.) While I have a million experiences I want to share about our first trip,  I am so thankful for PinkBlush for collaborating on this post to show y’all practical and cozy outfits for traveling with nursing kiddos!


2017-12-01 05.54.51 1.jpg

  • Zip-up thermal hoodie – great for warmth and easy access
  • Nursing tank – great for discreetly nursing
  • Muslin swaddle – great for baby’s comfort and breathable
  • Basic black leggings – cool for when baby is sleeping on you during the flight
  • Converse – Lightweight for walking and flight


2017-12-05 07.11.27 1.jpg

  • Off-the-shoulder dress- great for nursing and soft fabric to cuddle and comfort baby.
  • Flats – comfortable for carrying the weight of baby and dancing

Dress available at PinkBlush in plus-size!


2017-12-04 12.42.47 1.jpg

  • Lightweight knit sweater and nursing tank – great for the pulling down / lifting up method to discreetly nurse.
  • Light pajama joggers – warmth for the early morning and chilly plane, yet breathable for baby’s body.
  • Converse (again)
  • Diaper bag

Similar knit sweaters are here at PinkBlush.



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