Nursing Friendly Outfits For Going Back To Work

Dun dun dun dunnnnn. The perk of working for myself: my maternity leave was my own call. The con of working for myself: I decided to pick up the camera for sessions eight weeks postpartum. Luckily, I have teamed up with PinkBlush to share my style in dressing for meeting new brides and how I would dress for an event this month. If you are in a strict office dress code, or casual artistic setting, we hope you can fit something in these outfits that help you incorporate a smooth transition from home to work (all while keeping your supply)!

Weddings and Events


  • Bell-sleeve blouse –available here at PinkBlush,  great for all seasons and all events!
  • Maternity leggings – great for covering tummy when lifting blouse to nurse
  • Over-the-knee boots – Comfortable for standing all day socializing or waiting for the perfect shot.

Casual Friday Meetings

  • Soft heathered blazer – professional for first impressions yet super comfortable for when meetings are longer then anticipated.
  • Nursing / maternity tank – available here at Pink Blush, has a flattering fit and is practical for pumping or nursing on demand.
  • Maternity jeans – over-the-belly band is great for feeling “together” when still recovering or working on maintaining weight.
  • Booties – for comfortable strolling through downtown for coffee.


I hope you guys have a smooth transition back to work, and if your work out of the home or work from home, like me, KEEP ON LOVIN’ THAT BABE AND ROCKIN’ LIFE! There’s never enough coffee but always more then enough Jesus to get us through these sweet days.


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