Our Not-So-Scary Halloween

Hello and happy Halloween day! We started our day with having to wake up Anakin (or else he would sleep the day away) to nurse and get ready for his first Halloween. I thought my favorite part of today would be handing out candy to all the neighborhood kiddos, but we got a highly anticipated package yesterday: our first DockATot!

After nursing, changing, and dressing the babe, I made a second cup of coffee and grabbed the scissors; nothing was standing in my way any longer. The DockATot was easily one of the most recommended items to have during my pregnancy for a newborn. When they offered to collaborate with me, I was so excited to review it for you guy. Here’s the spooky details:

The packaging is stellar.

2017-10-31 01.28.41 1.jpg




I got the main cushion, side cushion, and a Mr. Mighetto cover in one package, along with a boxed marble cover. While I would love to show the details of the unboxing, it is such an aesthetically pleasing experience, I will leave it for you to enjoy yourself!







The quality is worth the buck. 

2017-10-31 01.28.52 1.jpg




In my pregnant mind, I decided a bassinet would be money better spent then this portable tool… my child hates my overpriced bassinet. He will sleep anywhere in the house, except that dang bassinet. So not only is the fabric, stitching, and padding high quality, Anakin already sleeps more in it.






The portable aspect of it fits our lifestyle.

2017-10-31 07.09.06 1.jpg



All of Anakin’s favorite places to hang out are large pieces of furniture, so to have something easy to take from room to room or pack in a suitcase is amazing. Today it went from the floor in his room to the living room. Tonight it will be on my bed while I take a shower, and tomorrow it will be in my office while I get some work done.





It’s washable and easy to refresh.

2017-10-31 01.28.36 1.jpg


We are so grateful to have two covers, because while we have the world’s most smiley and sleepy baby, he is also the king of spitting up and gnarly chili blowouts. The machine washable covers will be a life saver. Plus, the pads and cushions are also available to purchase separately which helps financially as well!

Some fun facts about the DockATot:

  • There’s two sizes: 0-8 months and 9-36 months
  •  Handmade in Europe, designed in Sweden.
  • All natural, 100% cotton

Get $10 off all Docks here!



We spent the  remainder of our day exercising our vocals (sounds like a cat screaming) and walking around base looking for portrait backgrounds of a client this weekend. Now we are cuddled up, watching Hocus Pocus, and waiting for the trick or treaters!

We hope you and your family are having a great Halloween as well, especially any other military families who are in the middle of deployment, or reporting for duty tonight (like our Airman). You’re doing great!

xo Angel

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