January Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Health, & More!

Beauty: Make-Up Palettes Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Make-up palettes are bomb for so many reasons! The value is always higher than the cost, it makes traveling with makeup easy and more sanitary, and they’re available in drug store brands! My favorites include Kat Von D’s contour set, Becca’s Highlight set (currently unavailable), LORAC shadows, and Urban Decay shadows. Some cheaper online/ drug store alternatives are NYX, BH Cosmetics, and Morphe.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette (Face)Naked 2 Basics (Eyes),

Fashion: Altar’d State (Store)Alt

I JUST discovered this store this week, and it was absolutely precious. The store is extremely similar to Francesca’s Boutique, but Christian based and BIGGER! As you walk through the store, you will hear popular worship songs, see uplifting verses EVERYWHERE, and be asked for any prayer request. Their prices are pretty high for the quality, BUT they donate to charities (some items explain what you are supporting/ raising awareness for). If that doesn’t float your budget, make sure to check out their sale room… I got a $100 jacket for $13. Things I picked up: boot cuffs, rings, Dog wall art, jacket, and a LBD.

TV show: Once Upon A Time

If you have Netflix, love Disney, and are bored… do it. Four seasons, 24 episodes, and many laughs. “Hook” is hands down my favorite character!

DIY idea: Chalkboardchalk

Tech: Instant Cameras

For Christmas, I got myself and both of my sisters Fuji Film Instant cameras.. They are absolutely precious, and your memories will make great reminders left around the house 🙂

To Do: Invest In Your Friendships frans

I was very blessed to host three of my best friends over one weekend in January… IT WAS AMAZING! What’s so special about our friendship and time together is that we met on a rock in the middle of the ocean (Kona, Hawaii) and since then, have moved all over the United States. It had been a year and four days since I had seen them in person! It was an amazing feeling to invest my time into making them comfortable (since they were the ones to live out of their carry-on’s for a few days). This trip came together in TWO WEEKS. Not many people are comfortable with booking a flight just to “hang out,” but I ask of you, what can you do to BETTER your friendships? Of course we would be friends even if we never saw each other again in person, but they (we) go out of our way to lay down our expectations of modern day friendships and CHOOSE to spend time together.

Instagram Account: @BARISTA_LIFE

Even though it’s mostly Starbucks employees, all barista problems are alike! I love to scroll through my IG feed and laugh hysterically at their posts.

YouTuber: Miranda Sings (Colleen Evans).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Yeah, she’s hot and nice and my friends now.
*Note: I usually like to include a book, but I’ve been so consumed with moving, hosting friends, binge watching Netflix, etc. that I did not pick up a single book (besides my Bible for daily devotionals.) I will try and get some goodies to share with you guys next time!

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