July Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Health, & More!

Beauty: Setting Sprays. I started using matte setting sprays a few years ago for big events (work events, weddings, ABF photo shoots, etc.) My favorite has been and still is the NYX Matte Setting Spray. Since the past year I’ve been living in Hawaii and Florida, it is the only saving grace for humid/ really really really hot AF weather! I purchase mine at Ulta Beauty, but recently I’ve seen them pop up in my local Target, weeee! ($7)



Sneakers. I love how effortless a solid pair of sneakers look! Nike and Converse have been my go-tos. ($50-$100)



Walk the dog. Nothing makes me feel more connected to my pup than just simply walking her. I’ve met too many owners that never walk their dogs or take them to the beach. No matter how much my husband or I work, we never let a day go by where she doesn’t go on at least one walk, if not two or three. It keeps her mellow, me sane, and we all get cuddles in an air conditioned home after. ($FREE)


Faith Deployed // The Only Dog Training Book You’ll Ever Needjuly1

Faith Deployed was a find in May when I picked up my last favorite military wife book. I found it thinking, “well my husband will probably never deploy, so I can give it to a friend…” HA! *que deployment orders* God provides! Whenever I have an anxiety or panic attack, I find peace through God’s word poured out into this book. I posted a photo of it on Instagram, and some of my favorite MILSO’s said they had the same one! ($10)

The Only Dog Training Book You’ll Ever Need we picked up at Barnes and Noble on a mission to re-train our pup. She has grown into a more aggressive protector, making it hard to have friends over. She is still growling, but listens to commands, walks, and goes straight to the crate much better! It was a cheap fix! ($13)



Inside Out. OH THE TEARS! I have extreme baby fever, so the opening scene made me cry. The little girl made me cry. Pre-teen made me cry. End made me cry. Hell, the AFTER CREDITS made me cry (of laughter). It was so precious, and had plenty of adult humor!



Herschel. I have never owned a “nice” backpack, so it was time to spoil myself! I got this Herschel backpack from Nordstom this month. The straps and back are padded, which I LOVE for traveling, and it comes with a built in laptop sleeve. They have so many designs and colors, make sure to check out their luggage too. ($70)


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