May Favorites: Makeup, Fashion, Health, Books, Film, Travel, & Food


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My favorite beauty product this month has been the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. This cream has completely hijacked and owned my foundation routine. I use this, concealer, and HD finishing powder. This product is very lightweight and breathable, yet helps even my skin color like a boss. (Click here to purchase for $7)


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Tiny cross body bags! In hot and humid weather, the last thing you want to carry is a giant bag. I got this cute little bag from Target on my recent trip to California. It’s big enough to carry a small wallet, my keys, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, lip balm, mints, etc, yet small enough to forget I’m even carrying it! The strap is comfortable and adjustable, which is LIFE because tall girls need that! (Click here to purchase for $25)



Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Traveling a lot this year though high and low places has reminded me to ALWAYS carry a water bottle. If you’re in mountains or at the beach, clean water is so important! Camelbak has been my go to brand. They’re reliable, offer refillable filters, and don’t leak. I like to put a few meaningful stickers on mine to: 1) have a conversation starter 2) remember to grab my bottle. I’m currently using an Air Force printed bottle which I can’t find online, but you can find your branch on base or a plain one at Target.



On our base, there is a mini thrift store where my husband and I will go and find treasures. From lamps to cookbooks, a lot of our new home is handmedowns thrifts. My favorite is this book, which by the grace of God landed in my hands. From the moment I opened it, I KNEW that it was given to me at the exact right time. As a newly wed in the military lifestyle, I felt like I was spiraling into the “military wife and nothing else in life” category which is a LIE from the enemy. Through this book and the word of God, I was able to get my dreams, motivation, and purpose back on track! If there is one favorite this month, THIS IS IT! (Click here to purchase for $12)


Tomorrowland has rocked my world. As much as I hate to admit it, my expectations were not high. I felt like the trailers didn’t give enough info for me to be trilled. Luckily, as soon as the lights dimmed and the film started rolling, I was a goner. It had good vs. evil action, families that cared for each other, humor for both kids and adults, and unpredictable twists. One of those films that inspires you to strive for the best you possibly can and not just limit yourself to the best that exists. All in all, when it comes out on DVD, I’d go buy it!


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone… never rang more true until I boarded a six hour flight without… headphones! ROOKIE MISTAKE, ANGEL! Rookie. Friggin. Mistake. I will now make sure they are the first thing packed, along with an ipod or phone stalked with Spotify Premium ($9.99 a month, they’re running a special right now – first three months only .99c!)



All year round, my favorite meal is lunch. For may, my go to homemade hot sandwich was this toasted pesto, baby spinach, sliced tomato, and Swiss cheese on Rye bread. Rye is my favorite toasted! Try this with a mint, lemon, and cucumber detox water.


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