The Broke Girls Guide: 3 Ways To Make An Extra $100 A Month… From Your Phone

You don’t have to be a broke girl to be in need of a hundred extra bucks a month. Since high school, I’ve been searching for ways to be able to afford name brand things, that trip to Starbucks with the girls, that ticket to warped tour, and the nails for the prom. Here is 3 easy ways to earn a quick buck to feed your coffee addiction, electric bill, and your new VS swimsuit… FROM YOUR PHONE! These are some tips I’ve tried to save money for my travels and fun!


1. Sell your clothes through apps like Vinted or Threadflip.

Now these are so amazing for so many reasons. Pros: you get to de-clutter your closet, you can put the money towards something new OR trade on the app, your trash is someone elses treasure,  they send you a printing label (you don’t even have to leave your house, just leave at your doorstep!) Cons: if your printer is not by your bed you will have to get out of bed.

I wanted to try out Vinted before sharing with you guys, so I created a profile, posted a few items, and within an hour I was moving past my first sale! $10 just like that! Since I moved from cities to the beach, I figured I’d sell all of cool weather city clothes (keeping very few must-have items for visits), and sell or donate all the rest.


2. Create and sell with apps like Etsy and Bigcartel.

I’ve used Bigcartel for a few years now, and it is awesome. A few friends of mine have used Etsy to sell items that cost anywhere from $7 jewelry to $600 outdoor wine barrel tables. So, if there is anything that you love to create, your creations can lead to your own little online shop!

Anchored By Faith Clothing
makepienotwar on Etsy

3. Try your favorite companies NEW products… and get paid for it!

Did you know when you have many followers, your favorite brands may contact you to try and recommend their newest products. As of lately, companies are extremely competitive in their marketing, they’re willing to send free bundles to the biggest YouTubers, bloggers, Instagram accounts, etc! But be careful, because you d0n’t want to mislead followers into purchasing a BAD product…

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